Arena Chowringhee

Day: May 10, 2021

money make

How much does a 3D Animator make?

It’s an extensive domain of 3D animation out there. The fact that 3D storytelling or CGI is both enthralling and challenging is already familiar among professionals and amateurs. But with the immense prominence of 3D animation in the 21st century’s entertainment landscape, there’s a rapid surge in the significance of 3D animation. Besides being an ever-booming field today, 3D animation has garnered popularity even as a notable educational domain. Salary Structure for 3D Animators For …

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a day

A Day In The Life Of a VFX Artist

Anticipating the life of a video artist to be all about glamour and gleam is something that amateurs often do! After all, watching your favorite Batman or Superman series would never get that captivating without those special water and fire effects. Not just those compulsory visual effects, a VFX artist does everything possible to recreate the moments built within the boundaries of frames and shots. While you think a frame is just a mere photographic …

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7 graphic trends

7 Graphic Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Graphic design trends are a thing everyone in the industry looks out for every year. With each passing year, there is some sort of reset in the designing trends, and each year, the industry experts share their opinions about what in terms of styles, colors, typefaces, and any other thing they think will be trending in the year. After partly recovering from a quite unpredictable year (2020), it would be quite interesting to see what …

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