Arena Chowringhee

2D Industrial Visit

2D Industrial Visit 2019

“Like every year, last year Arena Animation Chowringhee also organized a 2-D industrial visit tour for our students. We believe if you are a part of the animation industry, you must visit the 2-D industry to get a proper idea about the real environment of a company. An industrial visit will provide the students with opportunities to learn everything practically. Also, our students communicate with working employees and clear their doubts.

Our basic objective is to teach our students with the latest technology, system and upgraded tools. We provide opportunities to our students in order to get in touch with the seniors and supervisors who will explain to our students about the current situation of the market. Besides, an industry visit will give you an opportunity to understand the service management, quality of production of the company.

Keep all the things in mind, every year we organized an industrial visit for our students. So, if you want to make a strong footprint in the animation industry, you can contact Arena Animation Chowringhee.”