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2D Industrial Visit

2D Industrial Visit at Crazy Animation Studio

“Crazy Animation Entertainment is a well-known organization in the animation industry that concentrates on providing the best quality of 2D animation projects. They become too much famous in today’s animation world by offering end-to-end animated content to institutions and businesses alike.

To improve the professional knowledge with first-hand expertise and to proffer our students a sneak glimpse behind the importance of the entertainment and media, Arena Animation Chowringhee arranged a visit to Crazy Animation studio. It was organized in the last year with 20 students.

This was a visit to make our students aware of the work of animation artists behind the smooth movements and crisp graphics of shows like Little Singham and Tik Tak Tail. Do you like to be a part of such an exciting fun-filled learning experience? Then, contact Arena Animation Chowringhee without wasting any time. “