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Hello people!!!! Ok, So I have a question . How many of you believe that  If you are a designer following trend is important?
Many right  because unless you follow the trend you cant stay in the business. And the funny thing about trend is it keep on changing  it was different on 2016, different 2017. So its keep on changing . Well we have passed almost 8 freaking month of 2018 already .. We have seen many designs coming and making trend .. and moreover 2018 is a comeback year  many designs back from 80s , 90s has taken a comeback in twenty eighteen .

So today I have come up with 6 cool designs which has taken the market in 2018 .so lets begin

1. GRADIENT: I am sure we all are aware of this color scheme. Well believe it not. But during late 2007, gradient color scheme take a back sit and it was not a favorite for many years.. But I said it was a comeback year. So in 2018 gradient color make a comeback. Every website, page headers, ppt presentation, corporate folios, even in logos like (Instagram) gradient was there. Now gradient is everywhere. And I personally like it also. Gradient do give a fresh, vibrant, smooth and trendy feel.

2. SHADOWS: This is again one of the comeback designs Shadows on web layout, on pictures. Shadows create a depth on the designs, it give visually a more detailed feel.Which make the design a visual treat

3. DOUBLE LIGHT: If you remember from the starting of 2018 double light was the new fashion. Starting from posters. Music videos everywhere all you can see a combination of blue and red. On the artist face on the background everywhere (Posters like Bollywood movie ittefaq, Ragav Raman and many other music videos) playing with different lights became a trend. And indeed this make the content look trendy and edgy look

4. CHAOTIC TYPOGRAPHY: Chaos is the ladder.(If you get the reference..Lol) Any which ways Chaotic Typography was the new fashion which we got to see in 2018. No to aligning typography. More unconventional order your letters and words are.The more attention it draws. It adds a messy yet trendy and creative look in your design.

5. CROPPED TYPOGRAPHY: Typography is always a strong design feature in the design world and Cropped Typography was a trending tale of 2018. Art of erasing part of the letter in such a way so that viewers can read it.. Needs effort, creativity and a brain. And it is 100% worth effort because this particular design is so eye-pleasing that viewer cant ignore it.

6. GIFS AND ANIMATION: Studies shows that Humans attention span is less than 3 min. Now to grab the eyeball of the audience the whole market approached Micro-animation as their weapon. Now what is Micro-animationwell Starting from Facebook like to tinder swipe every movement happening on your screen is called micro-animation. Gifs, notifications, pop-ups everything. And not only 2018. In coming years also its going to be trending strongly in the market. Well. This are the 6 cool trending tales of 2018 Do let us know your favorite design Trend of 2018.

And if you are interested in learning Graphic Designing. Then no more wasting time. There are many graphic design courses in Kolkata.. Definitely give it a try Well..Thats it from my side.We will again return with some cool stuff till the stay tuned

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