Arena Chowringhee

Nicco Park Picnic 2020

Nicco Park Picnic 2020

“With the incipience of wintertime in Kolkata, Arena Animation Chowringhee conducts a seasonal picnic for their students every year. In 2020, we have organized it in Nicco park. Most of our students participate in this – it covers several exciting actions like Cyclone, Water Chute, Pirate Ship, etc.

This particular day was not only for our students to have all the entertainment but the faculties also to get the opportunity to enjoy with each of the students. Deluxe buses were arranged for the picnic. We have started the special day early in the morning by reporting to our center first.

Reaching Nicco park everyone had breakfast first. Then, enjoy the exciting fun activities of Nicco park. After completing the delicious lunch, we spend a few more times in the park. In the afternoon, we have completed the day and came back to our center. It was a remarkable enjoyable day for each of our students and they enjoy every bit of it. “

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