Arena Chowringhee

The Lion King - Initiative

The Lion King - Initiative

“The Lion King has been considered as the game-changer in today’s photo-real animation industry. Jon Favreau directs this movie and there is a lot of famous stars who delivered voice in this movie – James Earl Jones, Seth Rogen, Donald Glover, and so many others.

Arena Animation Chowringhee conducted an initiative for this movie with all of our students in Cinepolis Kolkata. The entire team of this movie has combined the best-in-class live-action into the animation with the help of the art of photorealism. Tremendous care and planning went into designing the natural world of Kenya into the virtual digital screen.

The most challenging work for animators was to design realistic. They utilized artificial intellect in order to create virtual characters who act in ways that reflected as real animals. There are almost 86 different animal species were brought to life in this film. So, this was a great experience for our students to understand the future of the animation industry. “

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