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“Animation has become an integral part of the entertainment industry. This allows you to create anything imaginable in an inexpensive way. Graphics plays a vital role in TV commercials to animation movies. So, if you wish to become a Graphics designer, then take a course from Arena Animation Chowringhee.

Our courses introduce students to the professional world of animation and graphic design. Training them so that they will become an in-demand expert in the industry. Our students will be trained with visual communication art that involves various digital platforms.

Once you have completed a course with us, you can earn a reputation in various fields including, TV Channels, Multimedia Programmer, Graphic Designer, Advertising Industry, Production Houses, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, 2D/3D Animator.

So if you are decided to take courses from a reputed institution, then Arena Animation Chowringhee can be your ultimate choice. You can contact us by making a call to our office phone number given in the contact section. “