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The FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) section can be very helpful in multiple ways. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Provides quick information: Many of you who visit the website may have common questions in mind regarding the courses, admission process, fees, etc. An FAQ section can help provide quick answers to such questions, saving you’ll time and effort.
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By providing clear and concise answers, this FAQ section helps overcome any doubts or reservations that may be in your mind preventing you to taking action. Overall, it is a valuable addition to this website, helping to provide quick information, improve user experience, build trust and credibility and reduce workload.

Q1. How to join Arena Animation?

Call us at 8981005544 or land lines 033-40061155/6000 and talk to our Career Advisor. She will advise you and help you with the admissions process.

Q2. Do you provide online classes?

Yes, we do provide classes in online mode

Q 3. How will I know which course is right for me ?

Please meet our Career Advisors who will suggest you the best course after judging your education background and your interests.

Q4 . Do I have to pay the Course Fee at one time ?

The Course Fee can be paid at one time in lumpsum or in easy instalments also.

Q5 . What are the mediums of paying the Course Fees ?

The Course Fee can be paid in cash, cheque , UPI payment or by credit card as per your convenience.

Q6 . Do I have to pay for the books and study material ?

No, all such books and study material required for the course will be supplied in e-format from our end.

Q7 . I do not have a computer in my house? How do I practice what I have learnt?

You are entitled to practice slots in our institute completely free of cost.

Q8 . What type of placement will I get from the centre and what will be the starting pay ?

The placement that you can avail will depend on your skills, the kind of work portfolio that you have done and how you handle the interview. This may vary from person to person. Our students have got a salary ranging from Rs. 12,000/- p.m. to Rs. 30,000/- p.m.

Arena Chowringhee has the highest and the best placements among all centres till date.

Q9 . Do you have degree courses ?

At the present moment, we have no degree course. All are courses are Certificate courses presently.

Q10 . What other activities are conducted in your institute ?

Besides teaching, we facilitate a holistic approach for all round development of students by other extra curricular activities and events like FX and Interface where we reward the students through various competitions and also give encouragement to their talents along with annual picnics, get togethers and other activities.

Q11 . What if I am not satisfied with the services provided by the institute ?

In case if you are not satisfied with the services, you can give a feedback which will be addressed. Feedbacks are taken every month by the centre head personally along with an online feedback system. Also there is a Student Relationship Officer to look into the needs of the students and solve their issues

Q12 . How do I know whether the faculties are good in the centre?

We have certified faculties who are trained in each particular subject. They have the experience of working in the industry and now are teaching because they are passionate to impart the knowledge they have gained over the years.

Q13 . How would I know that I am taking the right decision by joining Arena Chowringhee?

Don’t believe us. Talk to our students studying currently , talk to our alumni, see the campus, see the infrastructure, meet the faculties and then take a decision based on your observation.

Q14. I want to hire an Arena student for my company. How should I contact you?

Call us and talk to our Placement executives or write to & let us know your requirements. We will get in touch with you and try our best to fulfil your requirements.

Q15. Do you provide scholarship?


Q16. What are the class timings? 

Classes are held for 2 hours each from 9-11,11-1, 1-03, 3-5and 5-7 on alternate days. Please contact our Career Advisor for further details.

Q17.   Are class timings flexible?

Batch timings once allocated are not changed to ensure continuity of study. However, in genuine cases, the same can be adjusted in consultation with the centre.

Q18. Does Arena Animation provide laptops?


Q19. What are the other activities you conduct in the institute?

Apart from the regular course, there are several engagement activities, workshops and events related to the conducted topics which the students have studied.

Q20. After taking an admission if we need to shift to other branch, will you refund our remaining amount?

Student transfer with the same city is not allowed. In case of intercity transfer, the excess fees if any collected by the originating centre will be transferred to the destination centre.

Q21. Can an engineering student pursue this course?


Q22. I’m looking for work from home kind of job. Will I get work from home job after completion of Animation course?

Maximum studios are having a hybrid model of working. So, depending on the studio procedures you can get work from home options.

Q23. My age is 40+. Am I eligible for pursuing VFX or Animation course?

Yes, one can pursue VFX or Animation course at 40+.