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“Program in Print Web and 3D Animation makes you a specialist in building cutting edge print, web, and 3D liveliness content for various stages and crowds. On the off chance that you dream to function as a 3D Animator or a Communication Designer in a presumed institution, at that point join Arena Animation Chowringhee.

The career course offered by us teaches you the basics of web design, fundamentals of drawing and many other things. Our Course contains Layout design, Concepts of Designing for Web, Fundamentals of Drawing, Rendering solutions, Website Architecture, Concepts of Design and Illustration, 3D Modeling & Texturing, The Art of Editing, Vector Art and so on.

With us, students will get several career options including Designer for interactive E-learning, Advertising art director, Mobile Content Designer, Template Designer, UX Designer, Digital Storyboard Artist, Graphic Designer, App Designer, 2D Animator, Sound/Video Editor and many others. So, reach the Arena Animation Chowringhee office and hold a strong position in the web design industry. “