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10 Studios in India recruiting freshers completed Animation Course, 10 Studios in India recruiting freshers completed Animation Course

10 Studios in India recruiting freshers completed Animation Course

10 Studios in India recruiting freshers completed Animation Course

Back when the educational department wasn’t as advanced as today, scholars used to depend on traditional academic courses to establish a decent career. And as they were forced to either pursue engineering, medical, or teacher-training courses, many found their career burdensome. After all, not everyone wishes to pursue science, arts, or commerce degrees. Some would just want to discover an unexplored professional path by integrating drawing or painting skills into the educational approaches. And this is where the contemporary world’s animation courses have become prominent.

How to Get Appointed by a Professional Animation Studio in India?

Establishing a career in animation can fairly become stress-freeif you pursue the best animation course. With that being said, Arena Animation Chowringhee can deliver the right educational training solution that’s required for prospective learners in India. Arena’s free webinar animation courses offer an insight into 2D and 3D animation methodologies. As the animation industry is ever-booming, getting a lucrative job in the industry requires a specialized set of skills and educational acumen. After graduating from an animation course, if a student’s talent and education define to make a professional mark, he or she may get a prosperous opportunity of making them a part of one of these animation studios.

Maya Entertainment Ltd. Mumbai

Having training centers in Asia and the Middle East, Maya Entertainment has been awarded with several certifications in the world of animation. Ever since the advent of Maya in 1996, the company has been rewarded for what it is praised for. Maya initiated its services in 3D animation, service productions, and visual effects (VFX). Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has delivered some of the most promising projects to clientele like Sony, BBC, Rainbow, and Google, to mention a few. Graduating with praiseworthy results can give you a chance to get qualified as a fresher animator in Maya Entertainment Ltd.

Toonz Animation India

Over one and half decades have passed, but the purpose of Toonz Animation India has been constant. Being one of the most promising animation companies in India and headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram, its tasks are also undertaken by the company involve production and distribution of gaming and digital content, live-action feature movies, media-based education, licensing, and merchandizing. Its popular projects are for clients like Hallmark, Disney, and Paramount. Its fan-favorite works are Beauty &the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and more.

UTV Toonz

What had begun its work as a 2D animation company has now shifted to the full-fledged world of digital media! 2002 witnessed the advent of this company, which has become a UTV Software Communications division. Today, UTV Toonz has become a popular name overseas. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that it’s one of the prominent names in the global market. And some of the Mumbai-based company’s praiseworthy works include cartoon series such as Clootie& Dumpling, Snow Queen, etc.

Pentamedia Graphics

Referring to the exact date concerning Pentamedia Graphics’s emergence in India might not be possible at this moment. But what matters more is how brilliantly this company garnered popularity over the years. Whether or not its popularity is because of the advent of its two production houses in Singapore and Manali, it’s still working to become India’s favorite studio. This Chennai-based company has worked on popular projects like Tarzan and Aliens, Gulliver’s Travel, Pandavas: The Five Warriors, and more.

Crest Animation Studios Ltd

Crest Animation Studio’s production house is in California. So, this means, applying for an animation job in the production house (keeping in the eligibility criteria) will help you go the extra mile to upscale your career. This Mumbai-based company was formerly regarded as Crest Communications. And ever since its inception, it has been striving for success by offering premium quality services to US and UK clientele. Not to forget, it has worked on popular projects like Sylvester &the Magic Pebble, Jakers, Pet Alien, etc.

Padmalaya Telefilms

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Padmalaya Telefilms got its establishment in 1991. Being a Zee Telefilms subsidiary, its services are exclusively for feature films, animation serials, and television software. This animation company has paved the path of success ever since its first reputable work. It’s famous for making 104 episodes of cartoons and Mondo’s library for its US clients. Additionally, it also offers animation services to British companies.

Heart Entertainment Limited

1993 was the time when this Hyderabad-based company got established. And ever since then, it has been immensely popular in the city for its best-in-class 3D animation studio. This comprises state-of-the-art studio is regarded for having been worked on multiple Walt Disney projects. After some years, the popularity of this animation company got recognition in another form of an educational unit better known as Heart Animation Academy. So far, the animation studio won hearts for its work in Warner Brother’s Histeria, Walt Disney’s The Hercules, and Crippled Lamb of Tommy Nelson.

Silvertoon Studio

Silvertoon Studio’s famous projects happen to be Popular The Adventures of from Book of Virtues&Hanuman’s animated film. The Mumbai-based animation studio mostly engages in the contractual work for France, US, and UK-based studios. With its well-trained professionals, it has been walking the path of success.

JadooworksPvt Ltd

The Bengaluru-based studio got its recognition in 2004 after it made a name by creating several animation programs based on the mythology of India and folkloric cultures. The most popular animation elements implemented by this firm are color digital painting and hand-drawing of animated characters. Thus, this studio gets outsourced content from a multitude of national and international studios. Projects that it’s known for are based in Wild Brain and Mike Young Productions.

Nipuna Services

Although Nipuna Services is a Satyam Computer Services subsidiary, this company has also led a partnership with the UK-based firm – 4K Animation Limited. The Chennai-based firm is regarded for its animation services in 2D and 3D animation alongside VFX. Animated models and programs for the US and India’s ‘Animal Planet’ are why it’s popular for.


Due to the over-loaded work and work pressure, these studios are determined to craft new talents. But one thing that’s more important here to note is these studios hire graduates with a degree in animation and endless creative ideas in their minds. If you’re interested in building your lucrative animation career, it’s time to enroll your name for an animation degree course.

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