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Stop Motion, 5 Simple Tricks to Create a Stop Motion Look

5 Simple Tricks to Create a Stop Motion Look

Nowadays, it’s not essential to be an art director in order to understand that there is a lot of ways for brands to advertise their products visually through social media. You can appreciate the growing presence of brands on Instagram and Vine, stop-motion Animation has become rapidly famous. The engaging technique is a go-to theme for several brands for good cause. It’s reasonable, massively successful, and can be prepared by one person with ease.

Moreover, formulating a stopped motion look is an excellent way to strengthen your inner videographer and photographer via a fun as well as trendy medium. Combining the creativity of photography along with the video motion, stopped motion can bring millions of pictures together to tell a subsequent story. But for that, you will need to learn graphic design course in Kolkata – Arena Animation Chowringhee can be the best option for you.

5 simple tricks that can help you to make a stop motion look

#1. Brainstorm Your Visuals

You can have millions of pictures to shoot through stopped motion. But, you will need to place the same kind of concentration you have in 1 picture and apply that to many. Your story requires to be notably strong.

#2. Build a Storyboard for your Stopped Motion Piece

If you are going to start the creation of stop motion without making proper storyboarding and planning, then you might have to waste a lot of time in processing the posts. You will need to keep in mind that clips and single images are the media of video and photo.

#3. Shoot with Great Care

Now, it’s time to capture the images. As you start taking pictures, it’s quite vital to be precise and cautious. So, manipulate your objects slightly over various frames to obtain fluid motion

#4. Edit

Without creating the animation in-camera with an application, you will need some basic editing software. Upload all of the pictures you click on your computer and then set them together in a sequence. Then, adjust the colors is needed and remove all the unwanted things before adding audio. To learn the best editing work, you can learn graphic design courses in Kolkata from Arena Animation Chowringhee.

#5. Consider Output

Once you are done with your stopped motion look, export the medium on what you wish to share it. You can post it to the web. Or, you can also burn it to a DVD. Decide how you want to go to utilize the piece before finishing the last step of output.

Sum up Things…

That’s it. These are the tips that can help you to create a stop motion look with ease. But still, it will be easier for you when you learn graphic design from a leading animation training institute in Kolkata. Arena Animation Chowringhee is the best name in this field. It is the best institute in offering graphic design courses that can help you to make a successful career in graphic design.

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