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Graphic Design, 7 Graphic Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

7 Graphic Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Graphic design trends are a thing everyone in the industry looks out for every year. With each passing year, there is some sort of reset in the designing trends, and each year, the industry experts share their opinions about what in terms of styles, colors, typefaces, and any other thing they think will be trending in the year.

After partly recovering from a quite unpredictable year (2020), it would be quite interesting to see what the industry experts think will be trending this year (2021). As found out from surveys, designs have up till being driven by the promise of a tech-driven future and involve design elements depicting futuristic sci-fi elements.

However, this year, the designers are putting people first. As a result, nature elements, analog painting, classic symbolism, and other such design factors are likely to become a prominent trend in 2021. Here are a few design trends to look out for in 2021.

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1.  Nature-Inspired Designs

Nature elements are likely to dominate the design trend in areas such as website design, motion graphics, and packaging. Until now, futuristic design trends have been the pattern. But as people look out for the much-needed calm after a torturous year, designers are looking to include natural elements and natural themes in their designs. As a result, people looking for trendy motifs and creatives are likely to get inspired by nature.

Different clients from different areas of work are preferring botanical patterns and nature-inspired design, and as a result, this is going to be the number one graphic design trend in 2021.

2.  Muted Color Palettes

Along with botanical designs, earthy and muted color palettes are also likely to become a design trend. As more and more people seek an escape from the chaotic digital world and look for calmness, reassurance, and inspiration, designers are willing to utilize this preference and create apt designs using an earthy color palette. Marketing materials, packaging, advertising, all will utilize this preference and want to make their audience feel reassured.

3.  Bright and Mood-Boosting Colors

Industry experts say that, along with muted colors, mood-boosting and cheerful colors are also likely to trend in 2021. The majority of people respond very well to mood-boosting colors and designers will utilize this fact to create artwork that is visually engaging, inspiring, and is a mood-booster. Mood-boosting colors are often used for accents in the design. These colors make the audience feel good and translate optimistic messages correctly.

Advertising, packaging, social media materials, and other artwork will be using mood-boosting colors to their advantage and engage more audience.

4.  3D Effects

3D effects, 3D shapes, and playful geometric elements are also likely to be a growing trend in 2021, as people look for fun and easy, relaxing designs. Sophisticated typefaces with round edges and 3D effects are already in, making it look that it is going to last through the year, if not more.

Animation, illustrations, are all utilizing 3D effects to add a bit of splash and contribute to the overall appeal of the design. 3D effects have a more realistic feel, and as people bend for more real elements in a design, 3D effects are becoming the design trend to look out for.

Graphic design courses include training candidates to effectively use 3D effects to create wonderful designs that audiences just love to engage with.

5.  Geometric Elements

Making designs fun and playful is a growing trend and is likely to continue through 2021. As a result, incorporating playful geometric elements in the designs is on a rise. Drawing inspiration from the 80s, geometric elements are likely to get incorporated in designs to make things more fun and playful.

Shapes like squares, circles, can be strategically placed to create a more holistic and fun composition that is easy on the eyes and creates a cheerful mood in the audience. So, this fact is to be utilized by graphic designers and create designs accordingly.

Packaging, motion graphics, and other fields of graphic design are all likely to include geometric elements to make the design fun and thus engage more customers.

6.  Symbols

Shapes and symbols are everywhere and are powerful tools in design. A simple red cross strategically used, can give rise to a unique design. Graphic design being a subtle art, are likely to use symbols to make their creatives more meaningful and attractive. Designers are working on this symbolization to create icons of resilience, growth, and empowerment.

They do so by carefully and creatively using known symbols, such as goddesses, stars, etc., depicting power and resilience. Designers are also working on modernizing classical motifs to suit and fit modern designs.

The best Graphic courses in India and abroad are already working with traditional symbols and how to use them creatively in your design.

7.  Current Events

As with every year, graphic design and artwork must be aligned with the current market trends. Authentic representation of current events, national or global are sure to be an important design trend in 2021.

Graphic designers are an integral part of our society and as individuals who can influence a large number of people through the designs they create, designers need to do their part to build a better future, and creating designs incorporating current issues and occurrences are sure to remain a trend in graphic design in 2021 as well.

These styles and elements are likely to trend in graphic design in 2021 as per industry professionals. A sense of aesthetics and comfort in the design is what people are looking for. Designers must utilize this trend of their audience and create designs that are visually appealing and reassuring at the same time.

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