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Graphic Design, 7 Hottest Graphic Design Trends in India : 2022

7 Hottest Graphic Design Trends in India : 2022

There has been an interesting change in the graphics trend over the past 2 years. The pandemic has brought the prime focus on making businesses join the online platform to maintain their continuity.

It can be predicted that more new changes are going to come across. And, this has led to an increase in the number of designers, illustrators, animators and visual artists.

The future seems to be promising, and from the career perspective in graphic design, it has huge growth in the print & publishing as well as the web segments. So, simply joining a graphic design course in Kolkata can be your stepping stone in this industry.

So, let’s list out the emerging trends in graphic design in India and around the world –

1.  Augmented Reality

This year is all about AR or virtual reality. This is taking up the social space to create a mainstream design. The current focus is on mobile AR, but it would soon spread to the creation of more illustrations on the big screen.

The Indian government is also working in this sector to take it to the next level. Many graphic design institutes in Kolkata offer certification and courses at a reasonable price. The audience is more into viewing something that embraces the concept of realism. Thus, graphics are also going through a transformation to provide a reality base rather than a pictorial.

2.  RGB color palette

The RGB gamut is all about bright and pops-up color that is being utilized in graphics and illustrations. This is not new, but previously, the focus was primarily on simple and minimal shades.

However, after the pandemic, the art and the screen have formed a distinct collaboration. Because people are willing to view appealing content that attracts all the senses and ditch every boring graphic.

3.  Content for social network sites

As you can see, the algorithm for social network sites, such as Instagram, is continually changing. And, the focus is at present on graphic design. People are more engaging in making reels and showcasing their creativity. These 30-secs or 15-sec video or pictorial creations include impressive graphics.

Even LinkedIn is not far behind in allowing graphics creators to showcase their talents. These are generally short videos that create a buzz on the social platform. Moreover, these videos are collaborating with brands as part of digital marketing strategies

4.  Incorporating 3D elements

Graphics is not just about a simple picture – it’s embracing 3D elements to catch the attention of the customers. Graphics are being created in 3D panels, which are further used in promotional or advertising brands. The process of graphic designing is also taught through a graphic design course in Kolkata.

This signifies that social media is going through a massive shift in terms of graphic design. Moreover, pop was very much popular back in the 80’s. These were eye-catching and usually used in packaging or labeling. But, at present, software companies are very much eager to apply this approach to get visual conversions.

5.  Use of icons and illustrations

Now, it’s all about mixing and matching to play the game. Flat and 3D icons work in a combination to create a non-conventional design which would make the brand stand out from the rest. Icons are being designed such that they can seem to be appealing, easy to remember and acknowledge without any segregation.

Moreover, for a brand, these icons work as a reflection of its ideology. And, the minor highlights make it easier to catch the attention of the targeted audience. So, learn graphic design and get to know all the latest trends in terms of illustration.

6.  Font style

Font designs have brought a very significant change in the way things are visualized on the digital platform. Audiences are more likely to get attached to lively visuals. Thus, it is very much important to choose the fonts wisely. With a graphic design course in Kolkata you can understand the difference between the font utilization.

Serif font has gained fame and has been the author’s favorite. You can add it to any graphics, and its stylish effect adds a nostalgic feel and its elegance matches with the industrial demand.

7.  Incorporating minimalism

The latest hold is about the minimal approach and maximum understanding. Contents are made with a proper direction, and the combination of web designing and graphics convey the right message to the right audience. The common audience is more inclusive of content that is unbiased in terms of religion, sex and race.

Even though muted colors are in high demand, bold backgrounds can highlight the text or graphics. This makes the content visually spoken. Its vibrant and appealing feature makes the brand owners recreate such images from time to time.

Further, it not only helps you to stand out but also meets the brand objective. At present, Spotify has been incorporating this strategy to reap the benefits.

Other aspects of graphics design in 2022

You must be aware of branded memes. They can never go out of style, and it is very much hard to avoid. Graphic designers are using these to create an expression, marketing Idea or promote any campaign. And, online graphic Design courses have made it easier for people to create these memes.

Basically, this is the easiest way to become viral. And, even if they appear for a short period, they have the capability to leave a long-lasting impression. It is fun to create these data visualizations. And, interestingly brands like Shopify and Buffer are ready to ride the tide with these branded memes.

What about the importance of Quotes in graphics?

Quotations can spread like fire if they are appropriately used for the respective audience. Be it business type or for matter any other type, these are the base of any social media platform. It can be an inspirational quote, brand quote or an educational quote.

It does not appeal to the audience to join with the brand but represents the ideology followed by the brand. This subsequently helps to build trust. And a proper quote with a well-matched background makes the content a perfect blend.

You need the right approach!!!

The way people express themselves is also significantly changing with the modification in the social and political environment. Brands are trying to communicate directly with the customers through animations and graphics. Thus, it is very much important to understand customer behavior and stick to the practice to gain a foothold in the market.

While working with the graphics team, it is important to plan the downtime. This helps to cut extra expenses, and brands get to promote their product without any hassle. People find it easier to relate when the content connects sentimentally.

So, you can always input a groovy retro approach. Along with that, you cannot miss out on the fluorescent colors, which are slowly gaining the pace in the graphic designs. Start creating impressive and eye-catching designs.

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