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Doordarshan Industrial Visit - 2019

Doordarshan Industrial Visit - 2019

“Doordarshan is one of the most famous Indian public service broadcasters – a significant part of Prasar Bharati. This can be considered as one of the biggest broadcasting establishments in the globe in terms of transmitters and studios. Arena Animation Chowringhee organized a Doordarshan industrial visit with the students a few times ago.

Communication is the core of today’s rapidly growing digital marketing sector that also needs a little awareness of signal reception and transmission. Doordarshan is the most antiquated mode of video and audio transmission. So, this is the best suited for our students to understand and learn the concepts of RF broadcast.

Our students visited Doordarshan and gained knowledge regarding DTT (Digital Terrestrial TV). The different facts of reception and transmission were made clear to them. With the industrial visit to Doordarshan, our students learn the concepts of RF transmission that were a great experience for them. “

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