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Animation Course in Kolkata, Easily earn 40-50k in Kolkata: Graphic Designing is your Key!

Easily earn 40-50k in Kolkata: Graphic Designing is your Key!

Today’s digital market has a huge space for Graphic designing. A skilled graphic designer has the potential to earn as much as 40-50k per month in Kolkata! Yes, you read it right. But, as they say, nothing comes easily; you need to know how you will start. Here we will let you know a few important guidelines which can help you in finding a way, being in Kolkata. 

  • First of all you need to have your portfolio in graphic designing. No matter if it is a Diploma, a Certificate course or a Degree; it is important to have a creative portfolio of your designs. Your expertise matters here. 
  • While starting as a beginner, it is tough to get a chance as the market is very demanding and many people out there are struggling with the same skill as you. At first you can start with around 10-12k per month, which will eventually increase with your experience. 
  • Then comes freelancing. It has a huge opportunity today where you will work independently without being under any authority and that gives the chance to work with multiple clients at the same time; so, the earning will be higher certainly. 
  • Create an impressive profile along with your solid portfolio. There are websites through which several companies will get to know about you and your skills that ultimately will help in building your own network. Making connections with people is very important in corporate sector, especially in digital field. 
  • Once the platform is set and well known, you should increase your pricing. But before that, a solid marketing is needed. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Internshala and social networking platforms like Linkedin help to grow your network and career. Companies contact directly with the candidate through these platforms. 
  • Graphic Designing is all about creativity and decision making ability along with patience and hard work. 
  • With experience of few years, you can also teach in the field of graphic designing. Kolkata has so many popular institutes where you can join as a faculty and earn a good amount of money. Institutes like Arena (Shyambazar and Chowringhee) hire skilled faculties every year. 

As mentioned earlier, graphic designing is a modern form of art which is required in every digital sector these days. So, the market is huge and the demand as well. It can give you the best opportunities along with good earnings if learnt and executed properly.

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