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Animation, How Should A Beginner Start Learning Animation?

How Should A Beginner Start Learning Animation?

Were you an avid watcher of cartoons in your childhood days?

Wondered about how the animated characters dancing, talking, and even showing love to their partners.

We have passed our leisure time watching several cartoons and we have often scolded by our parents for spending too much time in front of the television watching cartoons.

The creators of the eminent cartoon Tom and Jerry, Sinchen, Scooby-Do, Doremon was simply playing with the animation and offered us the playful cartoons. Yes, you heard it right, animation stands behind those tricky characters.

Learning animation will just not mellifluous your career, but you will find it interesting and intriguing as well. On top of that, it has plenty of job opportunities.

It can be mind-boggling in the first, to go through with the animation course for beginners. But once you read the blog, some of your ideas will get cleared.

In this blog, we will share some of the tips for those who are all ready to enter into this exciting field.

Keep an eye on the basic things

As you just planted the sapling of, it would take time to sprout. You need to check the basic things so that they can grow exponentially. In the context of animation, it is the same way to plant a sapling and to give it water and the other needful.

Coming back, if you have a keen eye to check out the basics, then you can move to the upper level without any hindrance. Be strong in the basic things, so that you get the momentum to enter into the harder things in the future.

Begin with the simple movement of the animation

It may seem easy looking at the characters and spending leisure time watching the cartoons. In the middle of that, there is lots of technology associated with the process. You have to learn these skills if you want to be successful in animation.

Just do one thing, learn the basic skills, and be a perfectionist on those skills.

It may sound somehow archaic, but the real animation starts drawing in paper and pencil. It is the land, where you have to build your premises. Create the natural movement, and for doing that begin with some ball bouncing. To do this kind of movement, use the technique called squash and stretch.

With this simple thing, you are now creating the illusion i.e. illusion of volume, gravity, and weight. This is just a reminiscence of working with complex movements.

Keyframes will be the storyteller  

When you all jot it down, you may find that animation is just one post after another. In a strip of film, each drawing carries the individual frame to create the movement and the story-telling.

Keyframes denote the first and the last movements of a particular frame. All you have to do, determine the first pose, that starts with the movement and the last pose and the last pose, that ends with the movement.

Learn the timing and the frame rates

If you are learning an animation course for beginners, then at first learn the timing and the frame rate. A sense of rhythm works with the animation, which helps to pour some of the natural movement that your animation will be filled with. All the nitty-gritty of the animation is incorporated with the timing and the frame rates.

In animation, timing and spacing create the illusion of the movement. In between poses, timing involves the number of frames.

Take the help of the professionals

When you are all set to learn animation, then it is time to take the help of the professionals. Professionals in animation will help you grow up your skills. At Arena Animation Chowringhee, we have the best animation faculties to provide you the cutting-edge learning services.

If you are from Kolkata, and searching for the best animation institute in Kolkata, then Arena Animation would be the better one for you. You will be job-ready and will get the right placement according to your knowledge after successful completion of your course.

Find your inspiration

Why do you choose to be an animator?

Do you have any idol?

Who is your inspiration?

Finding the answers to these questions will help you to have a solid grip on animation. This is the way to brush up your animation skills. Open your favorite animated movie and find the shots that excite you. Find the skills that the creator has and how he/she implemented those skills in the movie. Next, try to imbibe those skills and implement them in your work.  

Manage the time

Time management plays a pivotal role in our whole life. If you believe that sky is the limit and you want to achieve it, then time management is necessary. Be agile and transparent while you are learning animation. Stick to the goal and bring clarity to it, and prepare a to-do list that you have to fulfill every day.

Learn the usage of the animation tools  

As you are doing the animation course for beginners, you should use the best animation tools in the market. Use the tools and you will get in-depth knowledge about the tools. By using these tools, you will get the in-depth knowledge of the tools, that is how you should use the tools for the design and the movement of the characters.

Learn animation from any corner of the world

If you have the indomitable will to learn new things, then dive-in to the ocean of animation. Not only you will get familiar with the newer technologies, but you will also consider yourself as an animator. You can learn animation from anywhere, anytime.

In order to learn animation in Kolkata, you can reach us at +8981005544 to get the touch of professional quality learning along with the latest tools & softwares. Our professional instructors will help you to get into the basics so that you can be industry-ready with top-notch quality knowledge.

Read e-books and blogs on animation

Cultivating more and more knowledge will ultimately help you to taste success. Thus, if you spend some of your time reading blogs and e-books, it will help to gain you more insight into animation. You can follow Arena Chowringhee blogs for the latest news on animation. keeping you updated is the key tool to learn new things, as it fills every layer of your inner mind all the time.

Learn the short cuts and enhance your speed

Experts say that success will not come if we follow the short-cuts. It is true, but to increase your speed of working, it may be conducive for you if you learn the shortcuts. When you are amid your learning, learn some kind of short cuts that will enhance your speed, that too with quality.

Final words

The animation is an art, created and developed by utmost diligence and precision. If you want to be a successful animator, then you have to learn the basic skills and practice it throughout the way. For getting the right guidance, we are here. Just drop a mail to, and we will get back to you in single to no time.

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