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Animation Course in Kolkata, Jobs and Salaries in the Animation Industry in Kolkata

Jobs and Salaries in the Animation Industry in Kolkata

Animation is the art of giving life to still images, objects, illustrations, 2D/ 3D generated characters with huge career opportunity these days. A trained animation artist, commonly known as an ‘animator’ can never remain jobless. Kolkata has immense opportunity in the field of animation as well. Cartoon industry and media sector (both print and electronic) demand skilled animators. Every year a bunch of students pass out with an animation degree.  Some of them get to work in leading companies, studios and media houses. 

2D and 3D artists

There are two types of animation artists i.e. 2D and 3D artists. Each one has a different role to play in their respective fields. In this article we have tried to give detailed information regarding the job opportunities in both these types. Apart from these two, there are Traditional Animation and Stop Motion artists which are not that much in use now. 

Job Titles: 

  • 2D Flash Animator
  • 2D Motion Designer
  • Lighting Technician 
  • 3D Modeller
  • 3D Animator 
  • Video Game Designer
  • 3D motion Designer 
  • Video Editor (animation) 

Being an animator, you can work with different tags or designations but the ultimate job is to create a character with a story and motion that people will remember for a long time. 

Salary Structure: 

 It is difficult to claim the exact earning of an animator as it is a matter of passion as well as profession. Different organisations as per their requirement hire animators with the salary structure according to their capability. 

As per the latest information from, an animator, roughly gets around 21k per month in our country while a video game designer can get up to 24k every month. A 3D animator’s salary in Kolkata can be around 23k. 

Job Openings in Kolkata: 

  • Institutes like Arena Animation (Shyambazar and Chowringhee) are offering jobs to passionate artists for various posts. 
  • Wackytoon Studio Private Ltd requires 2D & 3D Animator as full time employees.
  • In fact, students of Arena Institution get the best placement opportunities according to their level of creative skills. So, as per latest information, Arena Animation is the best option for students who want to take up a course in Animation in Kolkata and then get a job in the animation industry. 
  • Twin Toonz Animation Studio is urgently hiring a 3D animation and VFX Compositor at their Sector III office in Salt Lake, Kolkata. 
  • Fourth Dimension Visual Effects Private Ltd  has huge openings for VFX artists and Animators
  • Techno Speciality Media Pvt Ltd requires trained 2D/3D Motion Graphic Artists in their company. 
  • ICCMVFX, Animation Instutute and Production House also has a job opportunity which can be applied through their website.
  • Mayabious Group is recruiting freshers as well as skilled professionals in 2D Animation.
  • Pixelator Studio has regular openings for 3D Modelers and Animators.
  • Ssoftoons has a big Hollywood project for which it is recruiting VFX, Animation and Motion Graphic designers. 

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