Arena Chowringhee

Media Job Festival 2020

Media Job Festival 2020

“Media and Entertainment Skills Council organized the Great Indian Media Job Festival in January 2020 in cooperation with Aptech Ltd’s one of the major brands Arena Animation. Arena Animation Chowringhee takes part in this job festival and a lot of our students have already get positions in their desired sector.

More than 100 recruiters participate in the Great Indian Media Job Festival with Animation, Motion Graphics, VFX, Graphic Design, 3D Modelling, Web Designing, Rotoscopy, and more job opportunities. The principal purpose of this festival was to place 20K+ students across various job roles.

The firms hiring our students at this festival include Vista Prints, Amazon, Technicolor, Digitoonz Media, Byjus, MPC Films, Cimpress, Wackytoon, Digital Maya Studios, 2Adpro, and others. If you also have a desire to be a part of today’s rapidly growing animation industry, then you can contact us to make your dream come true. “

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