Arena Chowringhee

Placement Meet

Placement Meet Conducted by Mrs. Mala Halder , Zonal Head

“Arena Animation Chowringhee offers job-related VFX, multimedia courses, animation, graphics, and several other training or courses to develop the career of the students. This is essential to prepare our students for various job roles in the media and entertainment industry throughout the globe.

Animation studios, advertising firms, gaming workshops, publishing organizations, TV channels, and production houses are constantly seeing graphic creators, UI artists, animators, cinematographers, website designers, gaming specialists, filmmakers, and VFX professionals to work with them.

Arena Animation Chowringhee endorses such institutions in order to find talented and skilled individuals who know the need of today’s media and entertainment industry and work as experts in their particular fields. Not only that, we have organized placement meets every year to benefit our students.

The last time, the placement meet of our organization was conducted by Mrs. Mala Halder (Zonal Head of North and East Industry Connect Alliances and Placements). If you have a dream to work in this media and entertainment industry, then you can contact us without wasting any time. “