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, The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

Marketing is an art, a story-telling about your business and branding is the identity of your business. And both are important isnt it? But have you ever wondered how color plays its role in this two sector branding and marketing Yes, believe it or not but color plays a major role. Now see, if I say KFC doesnt red color just pop-up in your head, purple color when I say Cadbury , when I say Facebook, blue is the color you are thinking right ? See subconsciously our brain registers these colors and identify those companies through those colors. Hence, thats how important role colors play in branding and Marketing. Research shows that proper use of color increase brand recognition value by 85%. In fact, companies before promoting their brand or logos they sit with their research teams and after certain studies they come up with the perfect blend of colors that perfectly suits the brand. How Color Psychology Works ? Every day, every moment we subconsciously react to color surrounding us . Be it solid color or any color combustion. And studies say that we react in a certain way on certain colors… Red:  Red is the color of excitement. In marketing, red is consider to be a color which increase heart rate. It create excitements among the consumers and thats also one of the reason why companies prefer to use the SALE promotion in red colors. Restaurants also use red color for their brandings like KFC. Red is also a symbol of youth hence we can see YouTube, Netflix use red as their branding color or identity. Green: Peaceful, healthy and growth is what defines color green. Companies related to medical, health or trying to promote organic thing generally use the color green. Companies Himalaya, Dabur. Color green also traditionally associate with money hence many bank institute also use this color. Green also generates some positive and peaceful energy maybe thats the reason why companies like Starbucks or Whatsapp used this color for their brand. Blue: Have you noticed mostly social media use the color blue Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Vimeo, Tumblr because it considers color blue gives a feeling of calmness now since social media are supposed to be act as a stress buster so blue is the color what company choose generally. Not only that blue is also said to be color of trust and security hence many financial institute also use the color blue.  Black: Black is the symbol of classy, sophistication, power and control. If you notice,a little upscale industry use this color mostly. Companies like Gucci, Adidas, Apple use the color Black. Black is a great color to attract consumers and also leave an impact on them. Yellow: In marketing , Yellow represents youthfulness, optimism, energy. Companies like snap chat, Nikon, Kodak, CAT, DHL use this color as their branding. Color yellow helps to attract consumers easily. Since yellow represents energy as well hence baby products companies also use this color.   Psychology of color plays a huge role in marketing and branding. The more you study, the more you wander ! There are so many colors and they all have different meanings. These are just a few of them which I discussed today. Marketing and branding is a huge area. If you are seeking to explore the domain , then opt for a course and learn online marketing . There are ample number of affordable marketing courses in Kolkata. Give it a try because learning has no end! Go with the Trend.

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