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VFX Prime

Semester 1


Develop your visualization



Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations

Typography Design

Digital Illustrations
Adobe Illustrator CC / Inkscape

Concepts of Cinematography & Photography

Concepts of 2D Digital Animation

Art of Storytelling & Script Writing

Anatomy Study

Character Design

Digital Painting
Adobe Photoshop Extended CC / Pixlr

Audio - Video Editing
Adobe Audition CC / Audacity Adobe Premier Pro CC / VSDC Video Editor/OpenShot

Storyboarding and Animatics
Adobe Premier Pro CC / VSDC Video Editor/OpenShot

Application of 2D Animation Principles
Adobe Animate CC

Design Portfolio

Semester 2


Learn Pixar RenderMan, exclusively available at Arena Animation, and create life-like crowd simulation, models, textures, light effects, rigs, and animation.



3D Basics - Modeling to Animation

Digital Modeling with Maya
MAYA Unlimited 2018 / Blender

Digital Sculpting
Z Brush 4R8

Texturing 3D Models with Maya
MAYA Unlimited 2018 / Blender

Lighting and Rendering Models with Maya
MAYA Unlimited 2018 / Blender

Rigging 3D Models with Maya
MAYA Unlimited 2018 / Blender

3D Character Animation
MAYA Unlimited 2018 / Blender

Fx, Dynamics and Simulation
MAYA Unlimited 2018 / Blender

Matchmoving and Camera Tracking
MAYA Unlimited 2018 / Blender

Crowd Simulation
Golaem Crowd

Working with Arnold Renderer
Arnold Renderer for Maya

Digital Compositing
Adobe After Effects Professional CC / Natron

3D Animation Portfolio

Semester 3


Learn digital compositing: wire removal, colour correction, green/blue screen, match-moving



VFX Film making

MAYA Unlimited 2018 / Blender

Introduction to Nuke
Nuke / Natron

Rotoscopy using Silhoutte

Wire removal
Nuke / Natron

Colour Correction
Nuke / Natron

Green/ Blue screen
Nuke / Natron

Matchmoving & Camera tracking

Matte Painting
Nuke & Photoshop

Specialisation & Digital Portfolio Development (Choose 1 elective)
(1) Modelling & Texturing (2) Lighting & Rendering (3) Rigging & Animation (4) Compositing & VFX

Get a Certificate in VFX Prime on completion of the first, second and third semesters of the course.


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