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Visual Effects, Visual Effects: The Leading Trends of 2023

Visual Effects: The Leading Trends of 2023

Technological advancements have created a perfect process known as VFX or visual effects. VFX involves integrating, creating, and manipulating visual elements to create new imagery for movies, video games, TV, etc. VFX is often used during filmmaking. With the blend of live footage and computer-generated imagery, visual effects help to create realistic scenes that are pretty impossible to capture on film.

After shooting the movie, web series, or other entertainment video, VFX or visual effects are added. If you’ve watched the movie Avatar: The Way of Water, you might not have able to identify Sam Worthington turned into “Na’vi” with amazing visual effects.

The magic of VFX can also be seen in Lord of the Rings, Inception, Gravity, The Jungle Book, Interstellar, Jurassic Park 1993,Titanic, and other Bollywood movies like Baahubali, Robot, Fan, Zero, Ra.One, Dhoom etc among others.

Every year, VFX develops new trends that evolve the emerging industry. So, today, we will discuss some of the latest trends of VFX in 2023.

So, explore the blog until the end and comprehensively understand the topic.

Latest Trends of VFX You Must Know

 The time-to-time updates in the process of VFX enhance the quality of visual effects, resulting in engaging and immersive content.

Let’s explore the new trends in VFX in 2023.

  • Virtual Production

 The new and perfect trend that pushes the VFX industry to the next level – Virtual production is a process in which digital effects and real-time filmmaking co-occur. During this process, the set is made out of LED walls. The LED walls are programmed to showcase a  photorealistic 3D World created using an unreal engine.

In addition to LED walls, motion capture systems are significantly used during virtual production. The effective trend of virtual production is proving advantageous for the industries using VFX. A few benefits are saving time and boosting storytelling.

  • Real-Time Technology 

The most popular VFX trend in 2023 is Real-time rendering. The real-time rendering technique generates computer-generated imagery and renders it in real-time. The virtual production process involves real-time technology, and it helps the artists interact with the virtual environment and visualize the scene in real-time.

The process is a fundamental aspect of gaming and stimulation that allows users to interact with the virtual environment. So, the real-time rendering is the most crucial trend.

  • Combining Augmented Reality with VFX

Augmented Reality (AR) use in visual effects is booming in the filmmaking and other entertainment industries.  AR is the technology that includes the use of digital elements in the video to change the visual understanding of the user in the real world.

The blend of AR and VFX is miraculously changing the pattern of filmmaking and gaming industries and is helping the artists and the crew save a ton of time.

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