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Graphic Designing, Why Illustrations are Important for Graphic Designing?

Why Illustrations are Important for Graphic Designing?

It is quite difficult for an animator to choose between the photography illustration. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages, vary in the expenses, requirements of resources and time, and can also deliver your message in very diverse ways, whether conceptual and abstract or literal and realistic. If you are unable to take the right decision, then have a look at the 3 reasons described below that can help you to understand the reasons to use illustration in your graphic designing project. You can also make your career in graphic design with ease. For that, you can learn graphic design courses in Kolkata at Arena Animation Chowringhee.

3 Reasons why Illustrations are Important for Graphic Designing?


1) Express Something Abstract

Sometimes, the type of the concept or idea you are trying to bear will decide whether the illustration is a good course of action. Abstract topics or themes where precise visuals don’t come to mind will usually present themselves more suitable to an illustrative treatment.

An interview with a particular person regarding their trading strategy would possibly ask for photography to the interviewee. It’s regarding access to that person as well as showing their personality. But, in general, a piece about strategy could be illustrated in a better way, to bring a possibly dry subject to life and reflect different abstract ideas.

In an advertising campaign, sometimes photography is required to ground a distinct claim in reality. Maybe there’s a particular person that requires to be shown – a star approval, for example. But, if you are trying to get across more general brand values, like ‘innovation’ or ‘playfulness’, the illustration could be a definite way to get that crossed.

2) The Subject is too Ambitious to Photograph

Sometimes, you require to limit your vision, not the practical logistics or budget of what you can shoot, how, and where. The simple elegance of illustration is that you can draw straight anything you prefer.

Surreal, futuristic, or fantastical pictures are all pleased with photogrammetry in theory, but it might need a huge expense. If some sort of authenticity is necessary, you can consider a middle-ground of collage or photomontage illustration.

Select the appropriate style of illustration and there are no limits for what kind of career you can make. But, if you are ordering bespoke illustration, ensure your brief points the illustrator in the direction you require.

3) A Particular Style is Needed

A good photographer may have a special trademark approach and style to their subject. But, ultimately a camera never lies. The material will always be the best – while running a photographic art directed campaign will help provide a brand connection. It will never be as unique as a distinct style of illustration.

The illustration has the ability to unite design and completely transform its mood, feel, and look – whether it’s a set of graphics for an event, or different-platform campaign, or a simple ad. This is where choosing the right style is essential – whether you are ordering bespoke illustration, or investigating stock assets.

Time to Conclude

So, these are the reasons why illustration is vital for graphic design. Hopefully, it will help you to make your correct decision. If you want to make your career in graphic design, then you can talk to the career counselor of the graphic designing institute in Kolkata, Arena Animation Chowringhee at 8981005544. You can also send us your career plan at We would love to see your valuable feedback in the comment box.

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