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graphic design mistakes, 10 Common Graphic Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

10 Common Graphic Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them?

Creating visually appealing content to convey messages or promote a brand to the audience is done through graphic design. Students are pursuing the best graphic design courses to build a great career in the graphic industry.

The course offers comprehensive details about graphic design. If you opt for the best graphic design institute in Kolkata, you will get trained and professional faculty, proper classes, and a certificate of completion, too.

But if you want to master graphic design, heeding mistakes is also important.

Today, we will learn about the common mistakes in graphic design and understand how to avoid them.

So, stick to this blog and grab the perfect information ever.

Graphic Design Mistakes Can Be Avoided: The Best Tips You Should Know 

After reading the below points, including the tips for avoiding graphic design mistakes, you will never make or repeat a mistake.

  • Overusing the Fonts 

Graphic designers use many fonts to make a graphic look professional.

Overly used fonts need to be corrected.

You should avoid it by limiting the use of numerous fonts and using two or three to offer a creative and professional appeal to the graphic.

  • Neglecting White Space 

When a design is filled with many elements without taking care of white space, then it’s a mistake. White space should be used carefully to make your graphic look amazing and uncluttered.

  • Bad Kerning 

If a graphic designer ignores the space adjustments between characters, it leads to overlapping of text and weird gaps.

So, to avoid this mistake, you should use proper spades to get readable and consistent spacing.

  • Use of Low-Quality Images 

The low-quality images in a graphic will ruin it. Pixelated and stretched images discard the visual appeal of a graphic.

The best graphic design colleges in Kolkata give their students the right solution to this problem. Using high-quality images of the proper size per the design is what makes your graphic attractive.

  • Inconsistency in Color 

If a graphic designer chooses two colors unrelated to the graphic or doesn’t mix well together, it can lessen the attractiveness of the graphic.

Using the color wheel to find the right colors for your graphic can avoid inconsistency in color. Consistency in selecting a color theme plays a crucial role.

  • Hard to Read Text 

The biggest mistake made by graphic designers is using complex fonts and colors that make the text on the graphic hard to read.

The contrast between color and fonts enhances readability. Designers should test their designs in distinct sizes for the best results.

So, now, you might clearly understand common graphic design mistakes and how to avoid them. For detailed knowledge from trained teachers and affordable graphic design fees in Kolkata, join Arena Animation Institute now and gain the best understanding.

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