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2D & 3D Animation - The Trends To Watch in 2021, 2D & 3D Animation – The Trends To Watch in 2021

2D & 3D Animation – The Trends To Watch in 2021

2D & 3D Animation – The Trends To Watch in 2021

The intangible connection between the power of human minds and revolutions has been contributing to significant modifications and adaptations. Ever since the dawn of human civilization, the power of ‘change’ is endless. Like other industries, the animation sphere is also a witness to competitiveness and innovations. And unlike other years, there’ll be an interdisciplinary focus from every animation studio and animator on adopting technological breakthroughs and methods to meet industry demand.

From minimalistic changes to premium ideas, the animation industry walks the path of success by raising the standard of excellence every year. Similar to other years, here’s how 2D and 3D animation defines the world in 2021.

Trends of 2D and 3D Animation to Watch Out for This Year

As an endless war between 2D and 3D animation never chooses to cease, 2021 has made one thing pretty simple. With that said, the animation sphere is anticipated to blend both techniques for innovative visuals. On this note, let’s see what these terms mean. Here’s alluding to 2D and 3D animation

While 2D animation produces 2-dimensional characters, 3D animation brings life into it. The former comprises objects or characters in X-axis and Y-axis, i.e., height and width. On the contrary, 3D animation also includes the depth of the object or character. But no matter how traditional 2D animation is, its significance still matters to animators in today’s world. That’s a probable reason why 2D animators use software to develop action sequences. 3D animation involves professionalsperforming steps like modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering, and rigging, to mention some. For breathtaking visuals, the world of animation is set to embrace both the technique this year. Let’s dive into the narration and get an insight into the latest animation trends.

1) Intriguing Elements in 3D Styles

If you think 3D animation is anything new, you got to read the aforementioned paragraph yet again. But thinking that the 3D animation style will stay constant forever is a complete misconception. As the trends are evolving, designers still have room for more surprising elements with intriguing styles. 3D effects, for instance, are becoming more complex. But simplicity, purity, rounded shapes, and other futuristic elements are now on the anticipation list. Alongside futuristic designs, 2021 is also going to see the implementation of some nature-inspired elements to promote Mother Nature in 2021.

2) Animation Mix and Live Animation with 2D and 3D Designs

The blend of animation and live-action is going to grab the audience’s attention in 2021. Adding the cherry on the cake, we have a mix of 2D and 3D designs that are supposed to make a promising impact on people’s hearts. A lot of animated elements, quirky elements, and scribbles are to come to the notice. To add symbolism to live actions, there’ll be an incorporation of weird shapes, science-based icons or elements, and writing.

3) Using Textures, Enhancing Customer-Interest, & Achieving Realism

The power of modern animation designs lies in its enticing elements that drag audiences to watch a full-fledged video or short film that’s based on animation. On this note, advertisements also attract the fandom’s interest. And 2021 is going to bring a mixture of all these styles. This year, one can expect to see texture animation to evoke various feelings in the audience. As texture can add depth to the characters, it’s a much-awaited trend that’s surfacing this year in the animation industry.

4) Half Of The Story To Be Narrated Through Sound Effects

Underestimating the power of audios in an animated video will simply be a misjudgment.Trust the authenticity of sound and how it can make the animation stand out. Besides enhancing the story, it assigns the right kinds of feelings and emotions to the character. This year, sound in animation will be worked on by professionals atthe next level.

5) Versatility via Illustration Styles & Outstanding Characters

2021 will see a surge in unique and weird characters. What’s more, there will be multiple illustration styles that are set to appear on stage in 2021. Popping and vibrant colors and futuristic designs are the predominant speculations for this year.

6) Glow & Shine Effects

2021 will not allow the animators to stay inside their comfort zones. With accelerating demand for innovation in animation, camera lens effects, light leaks, shine & glow are prominent anticipations.

7) A Comeback of Retro or Vintage Animation

Thinking that retro animation is always supposed to be modern is an unclear concept. Comic-book, retro textures, and even graphic novel styles will make a massive return this year. While they will pay tribute to the styles of other time periods, animations of 2021 are going to take a contemporary take on the vintage or classics. With that, outlined characters, stylized characters, &backgrounds will make a comeback. Alongside, flat colors and textured styles will be common. Other elements are the speech bubbles in the highly-vibrating/contrasting colors, grains, and dots.

8) Realistic And Believable Characters

With the blend of both 2D and 3D animation, the world of animation will get some believable and realistic characters. For instance, characters may translate the facial movements to cartoon faces of styles. One can even get to familiarize themselves with the characters.

9) The Concept of Story-Telling through Animation

Even if you’re not sure which best animation course you will choose this year, storytelling demands to be a prerequisite ingredient of the animation world. As human brains are always wired to remember, understand, and look into the depth of tales, impressing the audience becomes way easier with a diversifying and rich narrative. An interesting way to connect to the audience is by implementing a tale to tell through well-crafted anime characters. Create characters only to describe social status, problems, desires, status, etc.


Thus, this compiles everything to learn about the modern trends of 2D and 3D animation. At Arena Animation Chowringhee, our professionals focus on building students’ animation careers, keeping the aforementioned trends in mind. If you think we’ve missed out on any animation trend for 2021, do present them in the comment section.

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