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Animation Course in Kolkata, 5 Graphic Designing Jobs At Kolkata After Completing the Course

5 Graphic Designing Jobs At Kolkata After Completing the Course

About Graphic Design

What is Graphic Designing ? It could be a design, a logo, a graphic, an illustration, a magazine cover, a business identity  or something else entirely. Yes – graphic design comes in many different shapes and sizes. What is common is that the designs are a way to communicate visually, and is typically done on a computer.

Graphic Design is a visual art which helps to communicate messages with the target audience by using visual mediums. Graphic Designers use images, pictures and visuals  to meet user specific needs focusing on the ways of displaying elements in interactive designs to optimize user experiences.

5 Graphic Designing Jobs At Kolkata After Completing the Course: In today’s world one of the most trending, highly demanding as well as one of the most highly paid career options is Graphic Designing. In order to get a job as a Graphic Designer – it is first needed to be creative along with having good Graphic Design skills in order to portray your message across to your target audience. The Graphic Designer needs to learn capture the attention of target audience. Before kick starting the career as a Graphic Designer, it is important to know about the skills required to become a successful Graphic Designer.

As a Graphic Designer – an individual needs to study to understand the different elements that make up a design. These graphic design elements include Color, Typography, Line, Shapes, Sizes, Space, Texture and Fonts. Also there are also a number of design principles that graphic designers need to follow in order for their designs to be effective and grab attention. A keen eye and aesthetics, familiarity with design software and technologies, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, ability to work methodically and meet deadlines and if an individual has a design or a fine Arts background in his or her bag,  then it will be an added advantage for him to get the job.

Finally, the individual needs to have a strong resume along with a portfolio of his/her work. 

The sad part is that a lot of these principles and graphic design elements are not taught in many institutes who simply teach graphic design software’s like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop and In Design. These software’s are essential but before that, the individual must learn about the principles, elements and be able to create visuals and designs using them. Very few institutes teach these – however students coming out of Arena Animation(Chowringhee & Shyambazar) and St Xavier’s College do as  matter teach these first before the students start using any of the software’s mentioned above.

After the in depth learning and completing the course of Graphic Designing, a person can join one of the below 5 types of Graphic Designing Jobs at Kolkata.

Brand Identity Design: With the term Graphic Designing – most of the people  associate it with designing logos whereas logo Designing is only one aspect of Graphic Designing. Brand Identity Designers create the entire look and feel of a company’s visual presence which includes the visiting cards, letterheads, envelopes along with all other brand identity. They create colour pallets, decide the types of images a Company will use, determine the typography etc.

Marketing and Advertising design: Marketing and advertising are the key areas of a company’s promotional strategies whether that company appear online or offline. As the goal of marketing is to reach the target audience and convert them into prospective customers – so a lot  of Graphic Designers working in this field need to understand behavioural psychology.

Packaging Design: Graphic Designers aspiring to work in this segment  – need to have a strong hold on branding as physical product packaging helps in promoting its brands and so it needs to be appealing to the eye. They need to be use colour theory and other principles of graphic designing so that the packaging gives them an edge over their competitors.

Web & User interface design: Graphic designers also create design for website and apps. These 

Designers need to have a strong knowledge about the design and basic coding principles. Though Graphic designers are not directly required to do coding but a basic understanding of the same makes them a more valuable part of any design team that works on web designing. Graphic designers in this field generally works on Websites,  landing pages, marketing of website, app design, word press site or game interface.

Print & Publication design: Graphic Designers also work in this segment of designing need to understand the theory and principle of good design then what type of design work best in print VS. Digital environment, these designers generally handle projects like book covers, magazine, menu design, album covers brochures etc.

So while applying for a job,  a graphic Designer needs to understand the different areas where the applications are there in the industry  and which area he or she would feel good to work in.

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