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web development tools, 5 Latest Web Development Tools You Should Know-2022

5 Latest Web Development Tools You Should Know-2022

The Web industry is growing rapidly and the more it is growing, the more new development tools are being introduced. A web development tool helps a web Developer to test and debug their codes. In todays time there are numerous numbers of web development tools. Which one to choose and which not is a big question in todays time as options are many.

5 Latest Web development tool worth mentioning:

  1. Chrome Dev Tool :

Many Web browsers have allowed web developers to look at the make-up of their pages. Thus there are many tools that are built into the browsers and do not need any additional configuration. One of them is Google Chrome. Chrome Dev tool is directly built in google chrome and helps you to edit pages and diagnose problem quickly. This tool is easy to use and easy to debug codes.

  1. Sublime Text:

Next tool in the list is Sublime Text. It is Proprietary cross-platform source code editor with python application programming interface. It is maintained under free-software licenses. If you are somebody who want to learn Web development or at the beginning stage of learning and really confused which tool to use. We would suggest you to use this tool once. You wont regret. We believe that every programmer should at least try to use this tool. Sublime text has a friendly interface, provides color coding software and it highlights error and makes them correct. Now so many feature at one tool is not a bad choice isnt it?

  1. Angular:

Since 2010, Angular (formerly known as Angular-JS) ruled the Web development world and in 2021 as well it is pretty much in the game and why not? Angular is a platform that makes it easy to build application with the web and moreover it is very easy to update, manipulate and generate the environment, amazing support and great documentation. In fact, research shows according to the users this tool is rated as one of the best web-development tool.

  1. Grunt:

Grunt is a widely accepted task runner. It is huge and is growing every day. With 100s of plugins to choose from. Undoubtedly Grunt is easy to use an awesome choice for the developers.

  1. Bootstrap:

Next on the list is Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a free and open-source web development tool. It contains HTML, and CSS based templates. It is ranked as one of the top rated tool in Github. And the best part is Bootstrap does not require any type of installation on the server or the computer, just include the bootstrap libraries in your project and that’s it. On Jan 18 Bootstrap 4 is launched and its ruling in the web market.   So these are top 5 web development tools in our list. There are many more such tools. Each day its growing rapidly. Undoubtedly in coming year also Web industry is going to grow big. If you are planning to learn web development give it a try. There are many web development courses in Kolkata. So keep learning.

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