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10 Top Graphic Design Courses for Beginners, 7 Latest Trends in Graphic Design You Should Watch Out For

7 Latest Trends in Graphic Design You Should Watch Out For

The recent-world amalgamation of creativity and technology to generate visual narratives is better termed as graphic designing. Whether as a form of a poster or a logo, graphic design alludes to a different set of details required to present a narrative in a visual format. Ever since its advent, it has been playing a predominant role in attracting potential customer’s attention by producing engaging and customer-centric content.

A gripping design produced by graphic designing strategies can appeal to audiences’ eyes and help driving brand engagement. It’s one booming sector that has acquired a fair deal of attention and demand, with the change in technological developments molding the facet of this sector progressively. At Arena Animation Chowringhee, we focus on bringing the new innovative breakthroughs and trends of 2021 to our graphic designing training programs.

Our primary objective is to offer graphic design courses that are crafted with the best-in-class teaching solutions. We understand that every year the industry modifies itself, and thus, we look up to the promising trends with each passing year. This year for 2021, the following are the seven most innovative trends in graphic design that a prospective professional should always watch out for. Let’s elucidate the trends in detail that will dominate the 2021 graphic design universe.

1) An Introduction to Muted Color Palettes

Muted color palettes happen to have taken a prominent role in the world of graphic design. In fact, the industry had already witnessed an introduction to this new revolutionary trend last year in 2020. However, ever since its advent, muted color pallets showed no signs of stopping anytime soon! Muted color pallets can offer a standalone professional appeal for Infographics. And if you are familiar with these designs, you might have loved working with them?

So, don’t the vivid colors look beautiful when infused with white, black, or other contemporary colors? Definitely, yes, and after the age of bright and bold colors, the new epoch seems to welcome something relaxed and eye-soothing that comes in the form of muted color pallets. They don’t just feel secure, but they also have a nostalgic appeal too. Due to these colors, the social networking graphics and landing pages look comfortable, genuine, organic, and natural.

2) Seamless Data Visualization

The primary purpose of data visualization must be aimed at simplifying complicated data. Without extra content, it should be understood seamlessly. When data visualization can show what you want to elucidate in design formats, expressing it through words is meaningless. So, it makes sense to use the implementation of seamless data visualization to show what you actually want to narrate.

Arena Animation Chowringhee’s courses are there to help you understand it in a better way. As a communicator or designer, you must make the data simpler, easier, and less scary to understand. Currently, people are dealing with loads of data. As a majority of people understand how to read piecharts, it becomes perfect for social media sharing & quicker comparisons. With data visualization, personal growth becomes the most popular achievement.

3) The Implementation of Geographical Structures & Shapes

A surprising trend for 2021 is the implementation of geographical structures and shapes in the designs. Last year, an array of designers using abstract and flowing shapes in the designs had been a sheer notice. But these have got replaced by these pretty, hard-edged geographical structures. Comparing it with other design trends of this year would only make you wonder, ‘how can popular design like this be so easy and simplified?’

Not only does it add consistency and order to your vision, but it can also give it a structure. Using these shapes would help you add the simplest elements that add recognition to your branding. Although it’s understandable that not all geographical designs can be consistent concerning their styles, they feel consistent, and kudos to the similar geographical structures.

4) The Cyclic Appeal of Flat Icons and Illustrations

The 2021 graphic design trends have become cyclic. With that narrated, something will become trendy, go out of trends, and then become trendy. And this is where the appeal of flat icons and illustrations becomes iconic in the graphic designing world. What had been popular some five years ago has been reconstructed and made even more popular this year.

These flat icons are ideal for creating visual content as they get adapted for different graphics such as Infographics, social media visuals, and even other presentations. These designs help the graphic designer narrate exactly what he or she wants to portray with the design, even if these visuals are presented without any text or context.

5) The Vintage-ness of Serif Fonts

If you had no idea of what serif fonts are, then you get to check this portion of the post carefully. As the name suggests, these fonts happen to be the oldest form of design styles that have popularized their use in the recent graphic design world. Though their humble roots date back to the 15th century, their use in the graphics does not anywhere demean their significance.

They are classic, trustworthy, and elegant when implemented in graphics. Each landing page that uses this font style target just one pain point that people running businesses might experience. They make the right use of fonts that set the tone and make the design feel more authentic. When amalgamated with muted colors, they can drive extreme genuine and positive feedback.

6) Open Composite Designs

Gone are those days when graphic designs were just confined to the edges of the frame. In today’s era, designs have already started breaking boundaries to present a larger-than-life visual to the audience. In fact, these designs happen to be groundbreaking as they can utilize available spaces for designing.

For example, multiple websites have been available with designs where the elements venture beyond images appearing on screens. After all, it allows the audiences to scroll vertically or horizontally while experiencing multiple aspects of the design.

7) Doodles

Besides graphic designs, doodles have been an integral part of modern art forms. In fact, these doodles can even add an intriguing element to designs, specifically when someone works with a brand that aims at presenting itself in a friendly and quirky manner.

The fact that doodles combined with the splashes of color and warm backgrounds leave an impressive design on viewers’ minds is already popular amongst the designers. And this is the reason they implement doodle designs that are tricky to create, specifically because they can have a professional look and remain consistent with the image of the brand.

An Endnote

With graphic design becoming a popular tool in digital marketing, companies have been looking forward to hiring graphic designers who have strong skillsets and creative minds. We understand how designers must be well-versed in the most current graphic design technologies. Thus, our professional counselors at Arena Animation Chowringhee offer best-in-class graphic designing courses crafted, keeping the industry focus in mind.

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