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, Amazing Career Opportunities in the VFX Industry-2022

Amazing Career Opportunities in the VFX Industry-2022

Since last 5 years VFX industry have seen a massive growth. Studies shows in last 5 Years the VFX industry has grown 50% more than previous decade. And nowadays many Hollywood studios outsourcing video editing work to some of the professional companies in cities like- Bangalore, Pune. Mumbai, Chennai etc.  Every year this industry required more than 50,000 professionals. Hence there are many amazing career opportunities VFX industry offers. So let us discuss today some these amazing career options. Lets begin

  • Rendering Artist :

Well, talking about VFX career opportunities rendering artist are high on demand across major VFX studios and production houses. Job Role: Rendering artists are responsible for turning a 3D model into a real world. They create magic through their professional skill and make it look believable to audiences. Tough job indeed with certain professional skill required. Salary: Generally in an average, a Rendering artist earn 3-3.5 lakh per year.

  • Match-moving Artist :

Match-moving artist, another high on demand across studios and houses. Job Role: Inserting Computer generated graphics in live action footage and making it look seamless and perfect and making it believable is what a match-moving artists do. Salary: On an average a match-moving artists earn 3.5-4 lakh per year.

  • Roto- Artist :

This job offers a great opportunity in VFX. Mostly Roto artist is consider to be a starting point for VFX professionals. Job Role: Tracing areas of live action frames where computer graphics will overlap or interact with live image. This jobs are done one frame at a time. Salary: On an average a Roto-artists earn 2 lakh per year. Though it varies from company to company.

  • Layout Artist :

Layout Artist are the pre-production process. Layout artist communicates information visually. Job Role:They collects and assembles type style and images such as illustrations, Photographs and drawing to create a visual design in computer. They layout Scenes and stories of the film or videos. Salary: On average the salary of a layout artist is 2  2.5 lakh per year.

  • Compositor :

A compositor can get their job at production studios, animation studios, gaming companies and advertising agencies. Job Role: A Compositors job is to ensure that this Flawlessness between VFX and live action is intact, and any visual disturbances are eliminated. Salary: Average salary for this role in India is 3-3.5 lakh per year. There are ample number of job prospects in the VFX industry. Numbers of people are working to create something extra-ordinary which is a visual treat for audiences. Indeed, not only today VFX industry is going to grow in future as well. So if you are planning to learn visual effect or VFX , Arena Animation Chowringhee, Kolkata has some amazing VFX courses. Thats it from our side today. We will be back soon till then stay tuned.

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