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VFX, Behind-the-Scenes of VFX Studios

Behind-the-Scenes of VFX Studios

Every industry is evolving rapidly and becoming co-dependent upon technology. The same goes for the film industry, especially in India. Blockbuster movies like RRR and Brahmastra are a testament to the Indian film industry’s increasing reliance on VFX and animation to elevate the visual appeal of films. The Indian VFX and post-production industry from the year 2020 is about to double in a span of 4 years by FY2024. This shows the tremendous growth of the VFX industry, and if you want to create your future in this field, you should look at joining the Best VFX Institute in Kolkata.

People who want to pursue their career in this industry are always keen to know how the whole industry works. Are you one of them? Well, let us give you a quick tour of this article. So buckle up as we are about to get to know behind the scenes of the VFX studios.

Behind The Sense of A VFX Studios  

Brahmastra movie boasts an impressive 4500 VFX shots, which make it a genuinely engaging visual spectacle. This is a testament to the immense hard work that goes into making such a movie, and it ultimately pays off in the final result. The first step in the process is pre-production, which sets the foundation for the total project.


Pre-production is usually the first step in the process, during which directors, producers, and VFX supervisors work together to conceptualize the visual effects needed for a movie. This may involve storyboarding, conceptual artwork, and pre-visualization, to lay out of the visual style and effects sequences.

Research and development 

Then comes the following step, research, and development, where the director pitches concepts and ideas, assembles preliminary teams, and creates early visuals. If the movie requires significant Visual Effects (VFX) components, artists, programmers, scientists, and mathematicians are brought in to discuss what special effects programs should be used to bring the film concept to life.

Asset creation and animation 

After the concepts are accepted, the VFX team starts producing digital assets like characters, animals, settings, and props. This entails modeling, texturing, rigging, and animating the assets to prepare characters and other creatures for incorporation into the finished scenes.

Expert animators use expression and movement to keep virtual people, animals, and objects alive. Motion capture, key frame animation, or a combination of the two methods may be used to create realistic and dynamic performances. Joining a VFX Institute in Kolkata would be the best place for those who aspire to master the art of visual effects. A well defined VFX course will equip you with cutting-edge knowledge and skills that you can confidently apply to boost your career.

Testing and integration 

Before production begins, testing and integration enable revisions and improvements, guaranteeing a visual masterpiece. This stage ensures that each effect’s creative aim, emotional tone, and narrative impact live up to expectations. Similarly, VFX shots mimic the settings and subtleties of the scripted scenes.

Stimulation and Dynamics 

Some visual effects, such as fire, smoke, water, explosions, and destruction sequences, require sophisticated simulation and dynamics work. VFX artists develop realistic simulations that blend perfectly with live-action videos by simulating physical processes using specialist software.

The Final round 

Upon approval, all visual effects shots are generated in the best possible quality and resolution and sent to the post-production team so they may be included in the final cut of the movie, TV program, or other media project.

The evolution of VFX from practical effects to intricate computer-generated imagery has revolutionized animation, creating numerous opportunities in this field. Pursuing a career in VFX is a wise decision, and with the help of a latest curriculum updated VFX course in Kolkata with Generative AI where nothing seems impossible now, you can undoubtedly achieve your goals with confidence.

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