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, What Is Design Thinking & Why Is It So Popular

What Is Design Thinking & Why Is It So Popular

What Is Design Thinking & Why Is It So Popular?

Design thinking enables you to understand users, challenge assumptions and thereafter redefine problems. In short, it allows you to understand the people for whom you’re designing. It involves experimenting, sketching, testing, prototyping and trying out various concepts and ideas. Besides that, you can develop empathy about the target user. Thus, you must learn graphic design as well as develop the skill of design thinking.


The process of design thinking revolves around five phases or stages but not necessary in a sequence. Often, they may occur parallel and repeat themselves. These are the five stages:

  • Empathize with the target users.
  • Define ideally the needs, problems, and insights.
  • Identify the challenging assumptions and create ideas based on that.
  • Prototype for creating solutions for the problems.
  • Test the solutions

Importance of Design thinking approach

When you involve yourself in the design thinking approach, then you constantly take steps to improve your understanding of the users. Hence you are able to find out certain aspects through which you can close the weak gaps easily. These are the importance of this approach:

  • Aids in tackling challenges: If you are aware of the approach then you will look at any opportunity from a different perspective. There will be some serious brainstorming and hence formulate fresh ideas. Besides that, you can collaborate with other professionals to get feedback and improvise the end results.
  • Meet the client’s requirements effectively: Prototyping is an essential part of this approach. So, all the products usually go through testing and feedback to ensure quality. As a result, most likely you are able to meet the client’s expectations effectively.
  • Expand the knowledge of design: The entire process of design involves multiple evaluations. It will not stop even when you deliver it. The clients continue to check out the results depending on the feedback. Thus, you have to make sure that the customer has the best experience while using the product.

Design Thinking- ‘Outside the box’ thinking

As designers try to create something new by thinking in a different way, design thinking is referred to as ‘outside the box’ thinking. In this process, it is essential to analyse and understand the ways users react with products and investigate the conditions in which they will use it. The interest and ability to bring out significant questions is the heart of the process.

Design thinking- a popular tool

As it involves a number of a different group of people in varied conditions so developing and organizing ideas and solutions can be difficult. This approach is useful in organizing the core ideas and keeping the project on track. Further, rationality is used to select the best solution after arriving at a number of potential solutions. 

If you want to learn to design in a better way, then you should opt for a design thinking course. This is a significant step as you learn to think outside of the box for a successful career in design. Design thinking is not just a trend that will fade away gradually. It is definitely an essential part of the design process which involves various other fields.

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