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VFX, Don’t Do These Mistakes While Choosing a VFX Institute

Don’t Do These Mistakes While Choosing a VFX Institute

Visual Effects or VFX is one of the majorly growing industries in the world today. There is a constant rise in the demand for creative professionals in this field. The importance given to this field and skill has also increased the employment opportunities.

If you are one among the youngsters today looking to make a successful career in this field, start with a VFX course. A VFX course will cover various aspects such as animation, graphic design, visual effects, and more. You will learn various tools that help in creating high quality visuals and designs.

The next important step here is to choose the best VFX institute in Kolkata. When choosing your institute, you should ensure that the institute provides the skills you are interested in, how affordable the VFX course fee is and will it help you achieve your goals.

There are five major mistakes that you are bound to make while choosing the right VFX institute in Kolkata


  • Overlooking Faculty Qualification and Experience: In the fast-paced world of visual effects and animation, staying updated with the latest techniques and technology is important. When choosing where to learn, it is essential to consider the qualifications of the faculties. Look for professionals with considerable experience in the field who keep up with industry advancements and also impart practical insights to students. At Arena Animation, one of the best VFX institutes in Kolkata, their faculties comprise industry professionals, providing expertise as per the current job market.
  • Neglecting Infrastructure: A VFX institute in Kolkata should have a fitting infrastructure, one of the major aspects for its students. Better infrastructure facilitates hands-on experience with the equipment and software essential for daily use in professional settings. Simply grasping the theoretical concepts without practical application, such as using a green screen, is not useful.

The institutes in Kolkata usually offer dedicated studio setups and cutting-edge equipment, granting students regular access. It is advisable to personally visit the campuses to make an informed decision before committing.

  • Disregarding Teaching Methodology: Asking the institute how they ensure that their students get the practical work that they need to be truly effective is very reasonable given that the VFX course involves an understanding of theory and a lot of practice. Faculties must guide if you are to understand where you are making mistakes or how to improve, especially in the beginning. Additionally, the practical work you accomplish in class aids in the development of your portfolio.
  • Ignoring Curriculum: You should also pay attention to the curriculum, the kind of software you will be studying, and the opportunity for you to collaborate with other students and learn how to use the most recent VFX technology. All your doubts will be addressed if your curriculum is well organised. You will have the chance to work with other students and understand how production lines operate in the real world.
  • Not engaging with current students or alumni: Reach out to alumni or current students of the VFX institute you are considering, whether in person or via social platforms. Learn about their genuine feelings towards the institute, their experiences, and their success post completion of the VFX course.

A VFX course in Kolkata from Arena Animation Institute is the right choice to learn VFX, apart from this, the institute also offers Animation, Web and Graphic Design, Game Design, UI and UX, Digital Marketing and Multimedia courses. The courses range from certification to fast-track courses and are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their chosen fields while the course fee remains affordable, making quality education accessible to all.

One of the notable features of this institute is its commitment to placement assistance. Through industrial visits and tours, workshops and seminars, work exhibitions, value addition and knowledge plus sessions, campus interviews, and job fairs, Arena Animation prepares its students for success in the competitive job market, helping them build rewarding careers in the industry.

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