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Animator, How much does a 3D Animator make?

How much does a 3D Animator make?

It’s an extensive domain of 3D animation out there. The fact that 3D storytelling or CGI is both enthralling and challenging is already familiar among professionals and amateurs. But with the immense prominence of 3D animation in the 21st century’s entertainment landscape, there’s a rapid surge in the significance of 3D animation. Besides being an ever-booming field today, 3D animation has garnered popularity even as a notable educational domain.

Salary Structure for 3D Animators

For his outstanding artistic skills, the world sings high praises of the film, series, or animated videos that he creates. He’s a 3D animation artist who can also be asked to render out different sketches in w2D representation. To craft standout designs, the artist requires having professional acumen besides prerequisite proficiencies, including:

  • In-depth insight into computer software
  • Proficient in the creative hardware media such as drawing, light boards, more

The quintessential works that a 3D artist performs are:

  • Utilizing lighting, software, and rendering skills in the right ways
  • Fabricating eye-catching visual effects as well as textures
  • Associating with developers and designers to create simulations or final projects
  • Producing digital models by adding 3D modeling, animation, and video editing

As per the surveys so far, the average salary that an experienced 3D artist earns is around Rs 3, 01,890 per annum. On the contrary, a fresher in this industry would apparently be capable of earning aroundf Rs. 1, 30, 000.

What Does The Stats Indicate?

According to the surveys so far, an average 3d animator can earn around $77,410 in the US every year. So, this is valued at $37.22 every hour! The extensive range surrounding the average may vary from $46,000 to $129,000. So, this means that the 3d animators can earn more after gaining a decent experience in the field. Let’s say animators who work in the entry-level roles get handsome salary.

A majority of 3d animators can find a job with media and technology companies. But others can work for industries like technology, construction, medical or health care companies too. After all, it isn’t an exaggeration to state that the 3Danimation opportunities are diversifying in today’s world, with more industries focusing on investing in 3D animation to generate profit or help people come under one umbrella.While Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Islandare the top-notch statesto pay the most handsome salary to the talented 3d animators, here’s to reading more about other states too. Let’s begin our survey without further delay.

Places Where a 3D Animator Earns The Most

If money and location are both integral part of your professional life, you might consider moving to Rhode Island, Connecticut &New Hampshire. The fact these three states offer highest salaries for 3D animation artists arealready surveyed so far. On the contrary, the lowest paying locations where 3D animators cannot afford to settle down are states like Kentucky, Missouri, and South Carolina. On this note, here’s presenting a tabulated format about the location and the average salary, besides India (as it has already been discussed aforementioned.


Average Salary

Las Vegas, NV


Seattle, WA


San Francisco, CA


Tempe, AZ


New York, NY


Austin, TX


Englewood, NJ


Miami, FL


Philadelphia, PA


Minneapolis, MN


Atlanta, GA


Salary Structure of 3D Animators On Basis of Different Industries

The job of a 3D animator is not just confined inside the boundaries of the entertainment world. It’s clear that their salary structure is different and unique, depending on the type of industry they are working in. After a few surveys, it has been noted that construction, media, and technology companies tend to bring forth a greater opportunity for them with higher salaries. For instance, a 3D animator in technological industry will be able to make a whopping salary of around $95,999 on average. On a different note, other people in the same field would only get to accomplish their professional dream with lower salaries.

But to say that a 3D animator working in the entertainment domain will not have his rival in other industries is purely a false narrative. The fact that 3D animation professionals can earn a whopping $93,491 at multi-media and $89,498 at the construction companies is already known! However, 3D animators can avoid working in the medical industry because of the fact that this sphere will offer the offers the lowest salary on average, i.e., $59,792. On this note, here’s tabulating the different industries alongside their average salary below.

Different Industries

Average Salary













Health Care


After Everything Else,

At Arena Animation Chowringhee, we try to make students get well familiar about the salary structures in India, besides other states in the US. For more information related to a career in 3D animation through us, you can consider contacting us at 089810 05544.

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