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Animation Course in Kolkata, How Animation Course is Going to Rule The Industry

How Animation Course is Going to Rule The Industry

About Animation : Animation is the art of giving life to still images, objects, illustrations, 2D/ 3D generated characters. It is the method of capturing images, drawings, photos of inanimate objects in quick succession to give an illusion of sequential movement. As our eyes can only retain an image for about 1/10th of a second, multiple images moving in fast succession create an illusion of movement. 

 Animation is the process Of bringing life to an Illustrated character, in one word – it’s an art of making inanimate objects appear to move. Animation can have been divided into several segments like Traditional Animation, Stop Motion Animation and Computer Animation.

Traditional animation used pictures drawn on transparent celluloid sheets and then being photographed. Early cartoons largely used this technique. However, today, most animation movies are created with CGI (computer-generated imagery). 

An animation course is all about visualizing and creating a world using one’s imagination. Using creative imagination forms a major part of an animation and there are no boundaries regarding what you can imagine and create. 

As a student of animation, you’ll need to learn to use a few specific softwares and the latest techniques such as 2D hand drawing, 2D and 3D computer-generated graphics, stop motion, or model animation to create an animation sequence. So, if you have some creative skills, and wish to use your imagination to create something beautiful and unique, an animation course is the right choice for you. 

The Importance of Animation in Today’s World : Animation is so important in today’s world cause it helps in communicating the desired message among the target or prospect audience and helps in making it more appealing and easier to communicate.  It is one of the most easiest ways of quick and direct communication with the target audience or viewers by implementing colourful and creative animated videos. One of biggest advantages of Animation is that it educates the target audience along with the process of entertaining them. Through the ability of transferring emotions effectively, Animation allows you to showcase your thoughts, ideas and concepts in various fields like Marketing and Advertising.  With an animated message, the chances of sharing is much higher as the audience finds it smart and funny, which increases the chances to reach a large number of audience.

Animation Courses in Kolkata: Today, animation courses have a huge scope in the market and are suited for everyone who wants to turn their imagination into reality. Even though animation courses have arrived late in India, the scope is regularly increasing and the future of animation is very bright. 

Even with the pandemic and the global economic crisis hitting the markets in recent items, the scope for animation is increasing rapidly. Every year, thousands of students are enrolling in animation courses and are being successfully placed in various areas of 2D and 3D animation. 

The scope of animation will further increase owing to the fact that giants like Disney and Pixar have been outsourcing their animation works. With so many amazing facts about animation, you must be willing to learn more about it, like what are the Animation courses available in Kolkata. Well below are some renowned institutes to learn Animation.

Arena Animation : Located at Chowringhee Road (Near Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata, West Bengal,700020) this is one of the oldest and biggest institutes with over 25 years of  teaching experience. Being  the very first Adobe Certified Associate of Arena Animation, it is  carrying forward its excellence through creating professionals who pass out with in depth knowledge of graphic designing and motion graphics. The institute has trained more than 6000 Students over the years and has the best Placement record which makes it one of the top institutes in Kolkata in terms of learning Graphic Design.

It has another centre located at Shyambazar Kolkata (Near Shyambazar Metro, Kolkata, West Bengal 700004) is known for its team of young energetic professionals who offer best infrastructure and teaching facilities. These Mentors guide the students and help them in their journey towards becoming creative designers in this field.

It has short term and long-term animation courses. It has courses on Animation, VFX as well as Gaming,  It also has the facility of the classroom and online varsity- through e-learning.platform.

Zee Institute of Creative Arts:  ZICA is a part of the ESSEL Group. It has its presence in training and has been in the industry for the last twenty years. It has its presence in 15 cities in India. It imparts training in classical 2D, 3D animation, VFX and Gaming. It offers Diploma and certification courses in 2d and 3d animation, design and vfx. It has well-established VFX labs, 2d, 3d animation labs and its training centres give an industry experience in the world of animation.

Frame Box Animation and Visual Effects: It is a ten-year-old institute with a vision of providing skilled professionals. They are one of the leading educational brands in the animation industry. They offer undergraduate, degree, and expert and specialized certification courses. They are into 3D, VFX, graphic design, photography, editing, gaming, and motion graphics–

Reliance Education:  Reliance Education has various courses in animation, VFX, and gaming. They also have short term courses in 2d animation–

Jadavpur University: Located at Jadavpur, Kolkata – it is known as one of the reputed technology based learning Universities that offer Graphic to train the aspirants to use their creative skills and learn computer software to create and design campaigns that work together to build Identity and brand recognition for business organisations and service providers.

Animation Course Fees in Kolkata: On an average the fees for a graphic designing  course in Kolkata varies between Rs 95000/- to Rs 225000/- and one can pay the course fees in easy instalments. Also students can avail education loan facility to complete their education in most of these institutes.

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