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, How Can I Start To Learn Web development?

How Can I Start To Learn Web development?

How Can I Start To Learn Web development?

Do you want to start learning web development but not sure where to start?

This blog will not only provide information about web development but enable you to start then and there. Before opting for a web development course, you must know what it is and where you need to go next? Most people have confusion between web designing and web development. Web designing involves framing the design of a website whereas development makes it appear on the browser. Here we’ll talk about web development.

Web Development- Basics

Coding is an essential part of web development. But before you learn ‘coding’, you must know how websites work, the general differences between front and back end and the ways to use a code editor. Don’t worry about these terms as each one of them has been discussed here in brief.

Working of websites

Basically, websites are a bunch of files stored on a server connected to the internet. Anyone can load a website using a browser on a computer or phone. The browser is known as a client when it loads a website. Every time when you use the internet the browser loads data from the server and then again submits data back to the server. This process of back and forth occurring between client and server is way websites work. Therefore, anything that you access through your browser is what a web developer built.

Difference between the front end and back end

When you are dealing with the browser means the result you get in the browser is known as front end. Similarly, the part of the website that you can’t see but it handles everything like logic and functionality is known as back end.

Front end- types

Three types of files namely, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript form the front end of a website. These are the files that you can find in the browser that is one the client-side. Let’s discuss each one of them in detail:

  • HTML: Hypertext Mark-up language is the base of any website. This is the main file that gets loaded when you search for a website in a browser. It contains all the tags which show different types of content. For example, HTML enables you to use tags to create bullets, titles, paragraphs, images and many other things.
  • CSS: When you want to style the HTML content so that it appears nice then you use CSS (Cascading style sheets). This helps you add colours, custom fonts and other elements of the layout so that the website appears great to the users. There’s a great importance of CSS as it allows you to convert a design into a website layout.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is a programming that enables the website to run in a browser. By using it you can make the website dynamic, which will respond to various inputs of the user. Though it has vast things that you need to learn there’s so much you can do with it.

Requirement of ‘code editor’

A code editor is another essential tool that is required in the website development process. It enables you to write the markup and code in order to frame up the website. Though you can get many good options of code editor but VS code is the popular one. It is the lightweight version of visual studio that is Microsoft’s main IDE. You can easily customize it using themes and extensions and the best part is it is fast and free to use.

Where to start learning?

There are lots of resources related to web development on various online platforms. But it is always wise that you opt for a proper web development course. This will not only help you to understand coding in a better way but you will also learn the practical aspects of web development.

This guide would surely help you to get started with web development training. But you should not rush to learn everything at once. Pick one skill at a time, master it and then only jump to the next one. Just watching a free online video course or reading a book will not make you an expert in this. Though you can read our blogs on web development for an idea about the same. All this may give you a fair idea but opting for a course will build up a career for you. Best of luck for starting a web development course!

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