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, How Good is Web Development As a Career?

How Good is Web Development As a Career?

Are you a web-developer? Or currently learning about web and really confused with the fact that whether Web-development as a career will be a good career option or not? What will be the salary story? Or maybe you are thinking how the future of the web development as a career going to be? Well then you are in a right place today!

Today we are going to discuss all these questions so stay with us and lets get started. Is it a good choice? See, the fact is with the growth of e-commerce firms and start-ups, this profession is high on demand without any doubt. And its not going anywhere unless internet is shut down. (Which is not happening for sure).So Web-development as a career is a great choice undoubtedly. If you look around every company, big to big, small to small, everybody wants their business to have a website to make their presence online, try to improve their face and make it more interactive. So every company is seeking for an expert Web developer. So undoubtedly this profession is in huge demand and its popularity is increasing day by day. Just imagine, a research shows that there are approximately 1.8 billion websites in worldwide web. And big names like Flipkart, Amazon, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Facebook starting from product oriented to service oriented company everybody demands a web-developer cause a powerful website is one of the main factor a company need these days isnt it ? In todays era ,everything is online. Now the question is Ok, understood It is a great choice, it is in great demand. But, about the salary ? Is it worth it? Well now let us answer you this.   SALARY GAME: Believe it or not but somewhere, one of the first preference for any job is salary package (come on, we all want money) at least the salary should worth the hard work. Let me assure you. In salary Term also Web-development is a good career option. A salary of a fresher web-developer in India can range between (2L P.A — 13L P.A). Yes! The gap is huge because some research shows that Companies like Flipkart, Amazon their pay scale is average 10L P.A to fresher and where Company like TCS, Infosys , Tech Mahindra is ( 2  3L P.A) The difference of salary package is due to Skills that the Co. seeks (Python and Ruby developers are paid more than their .Net and PHP) and also to some extent the place as in the state where you are working is also matters. In some detail discussion Satyam Saxena (an Entrepreneur) discuss about the salary structure in the following way.   FLEXIBILITY: The job of a web developer offers greater flexibility than other profession. So as you can see Web Developmentas a Career option is indeed a great choice. So if you are learning it or planning to choose it as a career, we can say that it will definitely have a prospective outcome in the near future. And other people out there if Web-development interests you and you are planning to learn website development then without delay check out Arena Animation Chowringhee’s amazing web development courses. Thats it from our side today. We will be back soon. Till then stay tuned !

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