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vfx in movies, How is VFX done in Movies?

How is VFX done in Movies?

In this era of technology, the filmmaking industry is moving parallel with digital technologies and visual effects to enhance imagery that isn’t possible in the real world. With an increasing demand for VFX, students and professionals are selecting the best VFX Institute in Kolkata to learn the comprehensive details of visual effects during filmmaking.

According to the FICCI EY Report, 5March 2024, the Indian VFX segment demonstrated a growth of 10 percent. Revenues of 50 billion in 2022 reached 54 billion in 2023.

With these figures, we can understand that the demand for Visual effects is increasing daily.

Like the Hollywood industry, Bollywood is also taking charge of incorporating visual effects into its films and turning the audience. Movies like Brahmastra Part One—Shiva and Ram Setu showcase the best VFX and CGI effects in Bollywood movies.

Let’s dive deep and get into the process of VFX in the movies.

Steps of Visual Effects Performed in Movies 

If you enroll in the VFX course in Kolkata, you can get an opportunity to gain practical and theoretical knowledge of VFX.

Until then, go through the below points and understand how VFX is done while filmmaking.

  • Pre-Production 

VFX is used to visualize the movie sequence with sketches outlining the scenes. During pre-visualization, VFX professionals help integrate the effects with live action by creating low-resolution animations to plan the complex teams.

VFX experts develop comprehensive illustrations and designs for environments, characters, and digitally created effects.

Pursuing the best VFX course in Kolkata can help you learn effective pre-production VFX techniques and become successful in the VFX industry.

  • Production 

During on-set preparations, the actors act in front of green or blue screens while using VFX. Later, these backgrounds are replaced by digital environments. For animating the digital characters, the actors need to wear special suits with sensors and get the recording of the movements done.

Tracking Markers are placed on objects and actors to track their movements and seamlessly integrate the digital effects. VFX professionals use real-world techniques to enhance digital effects.

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  • Post-Production

VFX experts use distinct software to create 3D models of environments, objects, and characters. To make the 3D models look realistic, surface details, including weathered surfaces, hair, and skin, are added to them.

A skeleton is set up for 3D models that define movement in a process known as rigging. VFX professionals know the best ways to create realistic simulations of natural phenomena.

The various video and digital elements are combined to create a compatible shot. The visual effects experts apply lighting effects to match the live footage and render the final images.

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