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web development, How can I start to learn web development

How can I start to learn web development

How can I start learning web development?
Do I need any of the specific skills to learn web development?
How can I keep myself the latest web development technologies?

Maybe these questions are brimming on your mind for a long time. No need to worry. If you want to pursue the course, then these questions would have come into your mind.

If you want to learn web development, and you are very much serious about it, then you can learn about some tips from this blog. There is nothing much hard about learning website development, as you are thinking it off now. With the tips mentioned in the blog, learning website development will be easy easier for you like never before.

Let’s take a cursory look into this article.

Begin with the basics

Go with HTML- If you have passed out from some ICSE, CBSE board, then you would have some idea about HTML. Yes, you heard it right. It is the same language that you have learned in your school life. As the day passes, HTML has also changed. HTML 5 is also been there right now.

If you want to learn web development, then HTML is the basic thing that you need to know. To prepare the basic structure of the web page, HTML is essential, and you cannot miss it. You can also develop a blog itself with HTML 4, without any help of server-side scripting languages.

Learn CSS – To bring the beauty into HTML pages, CSS is mandatory. With the aid of CSS, you can make your webpage colorful, mellifluent, and attractive. You can also create animations, transitions, mouse click, and much more. This is the reason why you need to learn CSS to learn web development.

Learn JavaScript – Learning javascript will make your webpage smooth and flexible. With the help of JavaScript, web pages will be more responsive and will look immersive. Not only that, but JavaScript also allows mouse over any text, play pause animation on the webpage, click on the events, etc. if you learn java-script very-well, learning web development will be gradually simpler to you.

Tackle the frameworks and the libraries

So, maybe you have to understand the basics of website development like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In the next step, you need to have knowledge of the frameworks and the libraries. You can call it a stack. This stack is comprised of software, programming languages, and tools. These tools will help to make the website.

On this account, you may have some of the questions-

What are the frameworks and the libraries?

Why do you need them, when you are about to make any website?

First and foremost, we will discuss the frameworks. A framework is a pre-loaded structure, with codes written, that will determine how the programs would interact. There are back-end and front end frameworks.

Next, we will see what libraries are. It is a collection of the specific tools that you can add on the website for better functionality. It does not have any structure like a framework.

There are different kinds of libraries that have different purposes. Let’s take a closer look at it.

  • Jquery- It is used to manipulate HTML, DOM, CSS.
  • React.JS: it is helpful for creating interactive UI.
  • Wow.js: For creating the animations.

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Some other tools you needed

When you are all set to learn web development, then you need the right tools so that you learn faster and efficiently as well. You can start with the basic tools like – a browser, a text editor, and a version control system.

Do the research about web development

Web development course for beginners may be an arduous task, but if you have all the preparations and good research work along with, you are all ready to dive in. Read lots of articles and books, which will strengthen up your knowledge. On top of that, there are lots of projects, code snippets that will nurture your mind to learn better.

Join an institute near you

Web development is all about hard work and how much you adopt the basics, followed by frameworks. In the beginning, you need to gather the knowledge to be a perfectionist for the future. For this, you need guidance from the expert, which is what taking admission to the nearest institute would be a relevant one for you.

You can reach out to Arena Animation Chowringhee if you are from Kolkata. Our skilled mentors will provide you the ultimate knowledge of web development and will make you job-ready. Be ready to imbibe a chunk of knowledge within you. Our Vision is to make the future scholars, who will shine and enlighten the others.

Learn from your favorite websites

We are assuming that you are a tech-savvy and an avid browser of the internet. Just follow your websites, and try to catch what is so appealing on those websites. To be specific, pay attention to some of the particulars:

  • Navigation
  • Typography
  • Form Design
  • Images and space design
  • Animation
  • Color effects
Keep a keen eye to the newest technology

If you want to stand tall in the crowd, you have to be familiar with the new technologies. Learning new technologies will emphasize the radius of your field of knowledge and you will get the newest techniques to implement, which may be eye-catching to some extent.

Technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality can be more complex, but these are the most integrated parts of the website. To be precise, if you can make the most of the newest technology, success as a web developer will not far from you.

Final words

Web development is rapidly changing. To stand out from the crowd, you need to emphasize on the basics and then intermediate learning on web development. Aiming to build a career as a Web Developer, reach us at

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