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, Some Brilliant Tools for Web Design and Development

Some Brilliant Tools for Web Design and Development

Every websites that we see starting from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, Pinterest and every apps, sites are done by web designers and developers. In todays era web world is evolving daily. The click that we make , the notification that pops up , that scroll we do , that like we put every action we take in a website is designed by somebody behind playing with codes and tools . So, all the web developers and designers out there todays article is for you people. We are going to discuss or list out some of the brilliant tools for web design and development.


So why wait, lets begin:

  1. Bug Herd :

This is first in our list because this is the first tool you need after your website is launched. It is one of the worlds simplest bug tracker tool. And the beauty of the tool is it is simple and user friendly with easy interface. Its pretty organized and helps the user to track multiple projects. Simple and flexible bug tracking I believe is one reason is enough to go with this tool.

  1. Visual Studio Code :

This tool is one of our favorite. This tool is developed by Microsoft. It is free and is an open source code editor which can be used on Mac, window and Linux. Some special features of this tool are: -Easy and friendly interface -Dynamic and fast -It allows you to install large number of super useful plugins -Writing python code is a lot easier. It has all the capabilities and features which will be needed for front-end and back-end development. Hence VSC is an excellent choice if you are looking for a good code editor

  1. Bootstrap :

Next on the list is bootstrap. Bootstrap is a free and open-source web development tool. It contain Html, and css based templates. And the best part is Bootstrap does not require any type of installation on the server or the computer, just include the bootstrap libraries in your project and thats it. On Jan 18 Bootstrap 4 was launched and it is now ruling the web market.


It is an open source programming language .It is developed and maintained by Microsoft. Mainly Type-script is designed for development of large application. Some of the advantages of this tools are: -It allows the user to detect errors in design time without even getting to the execution as it happens with JavaScript. -Secondly it supports other JS libraries and definition files that can contain type information of existing java script libraries Lastly it is easier to understand the code at a glance

  1. Adobe XD :

It is a user experience design software application developed and published by Adobe Systems. It supports vector design and website wire framing. XD is used for vector drawings. It has a simple and clean interface. The reason why it make it to list is its user friendly features. When the user download Adobe XD, the tool ask the users level of expertise. Hence this tool is very useful for the beginners.

  1. Angular :

Since 2010, Angular (formerly known as Angular-JS) ruled the front-end development world and in 2021 as well it is pretty much in the game and why not? Angular is a platform that make it easy to build application with the web and moreover it is very easy to update, manipulate and generate the environment, amazing support and great documentation. Till now angular appears to be one of the worlds most popular Front-end framework.   These are few amazing tools for web design and web developments the list of tools is unending. The more you learn web development and web designs the more got to know about different tools. Web World is a huge platform and its evolving every passing days. Arena Animation Chowringhee provides job-ready courses on web design & web development. If web world excites you and then give a try for sure.   Thats all from our side… we will be back soon .Till then stay tuned.

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