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The Rise Of Online Learning During COVID-19 Pandemic

In the present day, Covid-19 is a curse in our life. It has completely halted human civilization. Several people have lost their job; they don’t know what they will eat the next day. Millions of people have already lost their lives because of COVID-19. The number of COVID cases is increasing day by day and the situation is getting worse gradually.

Amid this condition, the government of all the country has decided to shift the traditional system of education to digital mode, so that the students get proper education during this lockdown period. Especially the Indian government has taken many initiatives to carry forward the classes, and schools and the colleges have taken part in it.

Not only school and the colleges, but several private institutions have also joined in the online medium of learning so that they provide online teaching to the students. The effort of the educational institutions is commendable. With the help of tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Whatsapp video call, online education during COVID is now easy.

All the educational institutions are putting extra effort to engage the students, by randomly changing the timetable, taking feedback from the parents, and monitoring the students. Teachers are regularly connecting the parents via Whatsapp so that they can reach out & discuss all the necessary parameters that are to be taken care of.

Online platform to conduct the classes

Educational organizations are doing their level best to make the learning engaging. The platform like Zoom, Whatsapp video call, Google hangouts has made the task easy for the teachers. They are motivating the students to attend online sessions, which will ace up their learning.  

As this generation is quite gadget-freaked, introducing them to this kind of platform is not a cumbersome task. As some of the students are younger, they do not have the idea to use those applications. In case, they do not misuse the applications by any means, guardians are too much cautious about it.

Online education- the result of the digital world

Online education is considered as a boon in this tepid condition. It is the result of the digital world, especially Digital India. Learning is not stopped in this pandemic situation, but it is running smoothly at all levels of education, which consists of preschool to a higher level of educations.

Online education during COVID has become stronger, and it is catering to the students with the necessary education, so that the students can get the proper education, amidst this situation. .The government of India has taken several initiatives to make the learning process smooth and easy.

It is right that downtrodden people in the urban area are not able to arrange the online classes for their sons or daughters. But the good news is that some noble-minded people have taken the initiative to teach them so that they cannot be deprived of the enlightenment of education.

Online educational courses in YouTube

There are a plethora of courses available on YouTube for all levels of education. Different levels of educational videos are available on YouTube. To be precise, students can learn online courses by sitting comfortably on the couch, by just clicking the button of YouTube. If they want, they can subscribe as well.

Learn, learn and learn

In this COVID condition, make sure you are spending with learning the new courses. This will help you to enlighten your soul with the latest technologies. It is all right, if you are an avid reader, besides that you can learn courses like graphic designing, digital marketing, animation.

If you feel enthusiastic about these courses then we have the courses for you in Arena animation chowringee. Our instructors will guide you in a way so that you can learn the things and implement them for your future.




Now, we will discuss some of the benefits of online learning in the next paragraphs.

When the corona the Indian government has to take imitative to start the online classes. It has enormous advantages.

Attendance is easier

In this pandemic situation, it is not possible to physically attend classes in the educational organizations. So, it may pop out in the head that how the students will get the attendance? No issue with that, with the help of the video call applications, online education during COVID is easier.

You just need to open your computer or tablet, and you can get things done very easily from the comfort of your home.

Getting answers to student’s questions is easy now

Maybe there is a distance with your teacher, as the classes are virtual. But rather than asking physically in the classroom, you will get the answer to the question quickly over the comment box in any of the online education platforms. You can also mail your question to the teacher, and you expect a thorough answer from him/her.

In our institute Arena Animation Chowringhee, students and the teachers are continuously in touch. Our teachers are giving the answers to the students so that all the doubts can be cleared. 

All the teachers and the mentors around the world deserves praises, as they are coping up 

with all the hindrances, so that the young minds do not face any odd situation in the time of learning. 

A plethora of learning options

Irrespective of the field of study, students can learn online courses on Digital Marketing, graphic designing or any other program as you wish. As the internet has given us lots of learning options, students can learn in this pandemic situation sitting at their homes.

Arena Animation Chowringhee has these courses and yes we are providing online classes to the students as well. It may seem that COVID is a hindrance of learning, but we are determined that we will float our ships of learning, and will generate the power of learning inside the learners.  

Importance of a group study

Following the situation, it is not the time to gather in a place and study by forming a group. Instead of that, learners can use the applications like Google meet, Google hangouts, Whatsapp group video call. These applications may be conducive for the learners to learn in this situation. 

Not only that, but students can also share notes in the Whatsapp group as per their convenience. Online education during COVID has gone upfront to teach the students irrespective of the odd condition.


If you are reading this blog, maybe you have understood why online education is the sole torch bearer of education in these tough days. With the benediction of technology, online classes are catering to students with new teaching techniques. Everyone is talking about online classes, and yes it is serving the valuable insights among the learners. 

If you have the indomitable will and you are passionate about your career, reach us at +918981005544. Our mentor will enlighten your soul with the simple and easiest method of learning. Keep learning!

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