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Top 10 Free Web Design Software in 2020

In this era of advanced technology, designing a website has become pain-free and easy work – it’s like fun. Nowadays, you don’t need to have a vast knowledge of coding and cryptic words like FTP and HTML. You just have to find out the appropriate website designing software among the immense number of free software available on the internet.

Yes, there is a lot of free website design software that offers free and full-of-feature plans for you to design a website. You don’t even need to think about webspace as you can host all of this software in the cloud. So, all you require to create a website is a laptop/computer and a web browser. It doesn’t matter which web browser you are going to use. 

This is a great deal, isn’t it? But, it is quite difficult to select the best software that is suitable for you. Ok, don’t worry – we can make this task easier for you.

Here in this guide, we are going to tell you about some of the best free web design software that can help you to design a website with ease. So, let’s have a look at the details of the software described below.

1.  Wix

Wix is a famous free web builder that has more than 110 million users. It’s a completely hosted platform that

– offers an easy drag-and-drop editor
– has a huge array of professional-looking templates that are perfect for personal portfolios, restaurants, online stores, or small businesses.
– this software comes with in-built Google Analytics that can help you to monitor your website.
– provides supplementary applications for individual preferences.

A small downside of it is its free version is not ad-free.

2.  Weebly

Weebly is an open-source web hosting platform that

– offers eCommerce functions, website design, and domain registration.
– it’s a flexible website builder and is compatible with almost all devices and platforms.
– it is quite easy to design a website through this software. 
– like Wix, Weebly also has drag-and-drop functionality
– it also provides an integrated CMS solution.

In addition, this software comes with Google Analytics, SEO tools, PayPal integration, automatic tax calculator, digital gift cards, etc. In short, this software is a great choice in creating an eCommerce website. 

3.  Webstarts

It is an all-in-one software – here you will get everything you require to build as well as maintain a website. Usually, websites are written in HTML codes that are stored on a server. But, with this software, you don’t need to know any code to design a stunning website.

Furthermore :
– it is also easy to drag and drop any photos or text – you can make a breeze to place text, photos, or another element exactly where you like to see them on the webpage.
– here you will also get a wide array of beautiful templates

4.  Jimdo

Jimdo is a worthy option for foreign companies as this platform offers :
– several options to build a website in more than nine distinct languages.
compatibility with tablets and smartphones.
– a mobile application that can be used to build a mobile-optimized website. 
HTTPS/SSL encryption – that means, the data of the visitors will be kept safe on the site. 

Jimdo provides 500 MB of space, so you will get more than enough space to design your website
In addition, you can also integrate your website seamlessly with your social media accounts.

5.  IM Creator

IM Creator is another free web design software that has a record of designing more than 11 million websites. Some of the reasons behind this popularity are that there are an ultimate domain and web hosting service, an extensive range of images and templates, and an easy point-and-click interface.

Furthermore, this software is scalable and you can have either multipage or single layouts. It is unique for its in-built eCommerce tools and also comes with Google and SEO Analytics to optimize a website on the search engines.

6.  Webnode

It is a great choice for both individuals as well as professionals brands.
This software :
– is an easy-to-use software
– allows you to design a site in various languages
– has the ability to fulfill all the designing requirements of a business.
– supports eCommerce stores and compatible with iOS, Mac, and Android devices
– offers statistics to track the success rate of a website.

7.  WordPress

WordPress is a widely utilized free web designing software that lets designers purchase a web domain.
But, if you wish to use a domain without paying anything, then this software allows you to run the site live with the WordPress-owned URL.

Like Wix and several other free web design software, you can :

design visually striking blogs, sites, and landing pages with this software
– also set assets like videos, contact forms, and secured content on to multiple WordPress pages.

8.  Elementor Website Builder

While WordPress is a fabulous option for designing a website, but still, sometimes it’s good to have a few help as you get started with designing from the mark. This software is a drag and drop creator used by more than 50 lakh users.

It’s a comprehensive no-code designing software for getting a WordPress website off the ground within a short time. With this software, you can select from numbers of available templates, use them, and ensure the website layouts perfectly despite the size of the device.

9.  Mozello

One of the largest trading points for this Latvian-based organization is the designer lets you build a multilingual website for free. The exciting features of Mozello include an online store, blog, 500 MB of storage, and SEO options.

There are ads, but it’s just a section in the footer – so, most of your visitors won’t be able to see it. The only disadvantage of this software is the drag-and-drop system is not as complex or intuitive as other available options.

10.  SITE123

Undoubtedly, one of the most easy-to-use &flexible free web design software is Site123. It allows the designers to customize anything and also provides a one-click installation wizard with numerous templates and graphics.

This software stands out as unusually helpful because :
– of its free images library.
– it allows you to add visual elements to your website
– it provides 500 MB storage space, web hosting domain registration, Google Analytics
– this software is ad-free. 

Time to Conclude

We’ve guided you through the details of 10 topmost free web design software. So, you are now furnished with everything you require to select the best web design software. But, it is always better to have some skills in the field where you are going to work.

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