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Top 10 Graphic Design Trend of 2020

It is highly important for a graphic designer to follow the current trends. In the year 2020, graphic design trends have hit a significant milestone. It’s the start of a new decade and graphic designers are supposed to touch new heights as they start to explain this era with the latest graphic design trends.

Here in this guide, we are going to show the next growth of graphic design.
Let’s have a glimpse at the current graphic design trends 2020 that are already beginning to define this new decade.

1.  Gradients

Color transition, also known as Gradients, is a continuous blending from one color to other colors. It can transition or blend similar colors or completely contrasting or different colors. Nowadays, this trend is notably versatile. Gradients can be subtle or bold – the focal point of a background or a design element.

It can create new combinations of colors as it can blend or mix different shades of color. In addition, it also can create new color combinations that feel modern as well as different. Furthermore, Gradients can be used to blend depth to flat design – it creates an unusual texture for a background.

2.  Layers and Shadow

Layer and shadow is another latest trend that creates room for extent in design. The real estate develops for even more factors to interact or stacked in interesting and new ways. To bring a 3-dimensional effect on your design, you can use shadows as an illusion.

It’s quite difficult to use this trend for a non-trained designer, but still is an effective way to make a design stand out. Moreover, it can help you to elevate your simple illustration style. You can play around with shapes and angles through this trend.

3.  Double Light

Another biggest graphic design trend is adding a double light effect on any design. The double light effect can convert a simple design into a new modern and edgy looking design. It’s an effect that can be obtained from color channel splitting. Furthermore, this effect also can be achieved from two tangible sources of light.

4.  Typography

Typography is one of the leading trends in 2020. It is the art of designing texts and letters in a way that executes the copy clear, legible, and visually interesting to the viewers. Usually, this trend has been holding a leading place for many years and it’s not going down anytime soon.

Creative Typography: This trend is running for quite a few years and it will expand double in 2020.

Cropped Typography: It’s a new style where a part of the letters is deleted, but still it will be readable to its viewers. It needs the viewer to fill in the erased letters, apparently arranged in front of or behind the subject element, with their imagination.

Chaotic Typography: This typography is the work of upsetting the alliance and order of words and letters. If you are going to design a casually or playful dynamic brand, then this type of typography can be a great choice for you.

Typography as Real Life Elements: In this type of typography, the letters are turned into real-life things. It can help the viewers to be attached to the words.

Negative Space Typography: Typography and blending negative space can be the next point. It makes the words of your design more attractive by leading the element to the front from the back.

5.  GIFs and Animation

According to a survey, the human attention span is only 3 minutes. So, to grab the attention of the viewers today’s graphic designers use micro-animation or animated GIF as their weapon. It’s an image encoded in a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) that holds several frames or images in a single file. It can be described on its own extension of graphic control. The frames are displayed in a particular order to dispatch animation. Furthermore, it also can loop seamlessly or also can stop after a few orders. This design lets viewers describe new blocks.

6.  Digital Painting

Digital Drawing is a massive graphic design trend with gratitude to applications like Adobe Fresco and Procreate. This apps allows graphic designers to design like a Pro. In the nearest years, we prophesy to perceive more traditional painting effects like Oil painting and Watercolour. All of these can be created digitally and can be used for a wide array of work like packaging, posters, and advertising. 

7.  Isometric Illustrations

The isometric illustration is another leading trend for many years – logically it has gone through several transformations. It is often utilized for presentation design, web design, infographic design. All of these are renowned styles as it has the ability to illustrate a 3-D object on a 2-D surface. Moreover, the interpretation of 3-D targets over 2-D surfaces recently has become more authentic than the past years.

8.  Image and text masking

Image and text masking is not a new trend in today’s world, but still, it seems quite common in 2020. As it devises a big part of the image behind unrevealed, it benefits to deliver a magical as well as minimalist appearance. Nowadays, graphic designers will keep producing compositions with this trend – of course holding to maxi typography for the latter to obtain the desired effect.

9.  Shiny Metals

Usage of metallic elements in graphic design has proved as ultra-trendy for product design and branding identity. In this design, the focus drops on the metallic effect itself – so, it needs a minimalist overall design. Most of the time, graphic designers use gold and it conveys a good, class, and luxury taste. But, the metallic effect also can be obtained by utilizing bright surfaces over matte surfaces in any color. Graphic designers add this trend with relief engraving in order to make the effect more impressive.

10. Geometric   Designs

According to most of the art and graphic designers, all the designs come under basic geometric shapes. Graphic designers are always striving for simplicity in their design – so, they use plain geometric shapes in their design. Geometric designs may seem mild, but they actually need a huge work to create a composition that conveys the precise meaning for viewers to perceive.

Parting Words

That’s it. These are the current Graphic design trends in 2020 that are effective, attractive, and super diverse. In this year, we experience different design work with doodling, line art, mesmerizing color combinations, typography, and so many other amazing trends.

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By the way – what’s your personal prophecy of graphic design trends of 2020? We would like to know what you think in the comment section below.

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