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Animation Course in Kolkata, Top 5 ways to get a job in Animation

Top 5 ways to get a job in Animation

We cannot deny that animation is considered to be the most creative and engaging fields in the art and designing industry. The basic salary of an animator starts from Rs 20000 and there is no limit on what it can go upto.

And, at present, animation is counted among one of the highest paying job profiles in the current market. All you need to do is take an animation course in Kolkata and get a specialization – either as Animation artist, Background Artist, Character Animator, Clean-up Artist, Digital Ink & Paint Artist, Key frame Animator, 3D modeler, etc. 

But, it is quite a generic question “How will I get hired at a reputed animation studio?” “Where can I apply to get a job in animation?”.

Looking at the records, the requirement for hiring animators is set to highly grow over the next 10 years. So, all you need to have is the zeal to shine and the passion for learning animation.

What is the scope in the animation field?

Animation colleges offer a creative job prospect where you get to convert your imagination into reality. So, the scope in this field is regularly increasing and the future of animation is very bright. 

The pandemic and the global economic crisis hitting the markets in recent days has taught us that entertainment will always be on the rise, even while other industries are on a decline.  While other areas have limited scope, the scope for animation is increasing rapidly. Every year, thousands of students are enrolling in animation courses and are being successfully placed in various areas of 2D and 3D animation. 

The scope of animation will further increase owing to the fact that giants like Disney and Pixar and other big studios across the globe are now setting up offices in India to outsource their animation works. 

You need to identify where your passion lies and improve your skills. You can be part of any Films/ TV, motion graphics, game designing industry or maybe in commercials or voice actors in films.

Indeed, the annual salary for animators is also very much lucrative. But, you need to know the right approach to get selected for any job interview. Merely introducing your CV won’t make you stand out from 500+ applicants. 

Your profile should reflect your skills, caliber, creativity and dedication. Above all, the right approach can help you to crack any job interview for animators. 

Crack every animation interview – 5 Quick Tips to Follow

You must take initiative for cracking the jobs in the industry. These steps would surely help you to climb the ladder of success in the animation field.


  • Choose the right course 

You need to seek admission to either the best animation institute in Kolkata or universities or colleges to learn animation. But, be mindful to join an institute with proper certification and offer a professional animation course in Kolkata

Background of the institute : Also, go through the qualification of the teachers and their field of expertise. Because, this will ensure that you get the best education. A lot of mentors and teachers in some the animation institute in Kolkata are students who have passed out from that centre. You must know the qualification of the teachers, the professional knowledge they have acquired, and the number of years they have been working in the industry. It is very important that the teachers must have hands on experience working in the industry

It typically requires a lot of research before you choose the best animation institute in Kolkata You need to find out about the institute, the number of years it has been in operation and the placements they have given to the students. So, before you jump to the advanced courses, you must do your research. For quality of education and better job prospects, the background of the animation institute in Kolkata does matter. 

After taking admission – take your lessons sincerely and try to do as much practice on the softwares . The more you learn, the more it will help develop your unique animation style. The entry-level mark plays a crucial role. Further, keep exploring. You will get to know more about the animation industry, which will help you find the best fit to step in. 

  • Start working as an intern

You need to grasp the present market demand, and for that, you must have the experience to get selected for any job. Besides the knowledge gained in the classroom , venture out – learn animation, start hands on different projects. They might be free of cost at the very beginning, but this would be your first step towards securing a job. This would help you to gain experience. 

Initially to get a job in animation studios is difficult as most of these studios look for experienced animators because they have to meet deadlines and yet deliver top-notched project results intact with a creative approach. So, these animation studios look for safer hands to work with. However, you can put your resumes for internships and if your wok quality is good, they might hire you as interns. The pay might not be good initially but do not look at the pay as you need to gain experience. Later, with experience the money will also come.

Take up freelancing work : While doing your Animation course in Kolkata, make sure to take up any freelancing jobs that gives you hands-on practice with industry technology. Along with that, try to work with people who have immense experience in the field. This will help you to learn some real-animation stuff. This would also benefit your portfolio.

Teamwork : Teamwork is another big aspect of the entertainment industry. And, most animation projects require collaboration. So, this would add a feather to your skill cap. In a team, you get to share ideas and mostly views. And, it teaches an animator to work in space by maintaining cordial relationships and respecting each other’s creativity. Thus, you also get to raise the quality of your work. 

Learn about the latest trends : Animation includes different styles and trends that are in use in different parts of the globe, Like in Japan, they use a style called Anime which has originated from there. Similarly, there are different trends and styles of animation used in different parts. You must be aware of these and try to see and study their styles so that it can enhance your knowledge of the subject.

Other skills : Understand that you have steep competition. So the more skilled you are, the more variety you can present. Ultimately you have to place your dedication and hard work. Building learning about the latest animation and editing software from Animation colleges, building on your foundational art skills would also be very helpful. You can also try to develop acting and observation skills, which would make your portfolio a lot more appalling.


  • Create a great portfolio

You must be honest about the work you will include in your portfolio. Dishonesty is the biggest negative remark on your CV as well as your reputation. Remember, it is better to present the actual piece of work than regret it later. 

Ask your mentors for suggestions. In the portfolio, do present your personal projects and mention your solo work as well as collaborations. Highlight the portions that you would like the recruiter to focus on. Never show any unfinished work and try to make it picture-perfect. 

Don’t forget to include a contact area on your portfolio site as well as your resume. And, always add a brief overview of your background and interests and future aspirations.


  • Reach out to your dream studio 

Nowadays, it has become relatively easy to hone up your skills through animation online courses. So, as soon as you complete your course and get certified, start gaining experience at work. And, at the same time, start applying to animation studios. 

Make a list and include animation studios, television companies, film production companies, advertising agencies etc. Reach them through email or phone. Do not get disappointed if you do not get any response. So, learn animation developments, keep trying and always be approachable.


  • Provide a demo reel

A demo reel can make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. Keep it straightforward, crisp and to the point. It should be addressed to the hiring emails and correspondence. Never post any link or an original reel. Use a watermarked copy, and it would be good enough. 

You can also post your portfolio online, where you can have a section for a short demo reel and an area for longer work samples. Each piece you share should include a recap of the work you have actually done. Also mention your project goals. Only share your best work, and try to make it a smart looking showreel.

Be persistent

Have you ever noticed the credit sequence of any animated feature film? It displays the number of creative animators involved to make it a success story. Thus, it is pretty easy to find your way into the animation industry. But, you must gain enough experience, keep trying and create a network in the animation industry as an animator. Good Luck!

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