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VFX Course in Kolkata, Top VFX trends in India: 2022

Top VFX trends in India: 2022

You must be quite familiar with the word VFX. It is a form of visual effects that helps to create fantasy worlds on this earth which you can see on television and in movies. VFX also allows you to create visual effects in video games and commercials. As you can see, VFX will be overpowering most of the entertainment industry in the next few years.

Starting from science fiction to rom-com, VFX is everywhere. It is quite easy to learn, and one can easily establish oneself in this field as a VFX creator. Reputed institutes offer a suitable VFX course in Kolkata, making it a lucrative career option.

Every big-budget film also includes VFX these days to create special effects and gain an audience. Thus, it has become challenging to determine what is real and unreal.

How is VFX making an impact in the industry?

VFX has been the base for every fictional film due to motion effects and many online assisting tools through which visual imagery is created outside the context of a live action shot in film making and video production. The animation industry in India is going quite fast, and VFX holds a promising future.

VFX is not only about dealing with film, but it also includes post-production. VFX helps in building environments, objects, creatures and even people in films that would been impossible to film in the context of a live-action shot. Starting from Shrek, Gravity, Avatar – every film that engages fantasy in Hollywood has incorporated VFX. Further, it is also gaining popularity in the Indian films, OTT platform and  in digital communication.

Films in India that can secure a high budget usually try to include VFX so that the final output can be mind-boggling. In India, the film industry is creating big hits through VFX. For example, regional frames such as Baahubali have gained over 3000 million, and films like Padmavat, and Zero are following it.

6 Top VFX trends in India

With the animation industry skyrocketing, and each and every VFX Institute in Kolkata offering basic to advanced lessons – let’s get to know about the top trends in VFX in 2022.

1.   Virtual Production

It is mostly gaining pace and with use of technology to create virtual environments – it is high in demand. Here you get to meet an evolving environment. Moreover, it provides an impressive experience that allows the user to feel and touch the virtual world and responds to the player’s movement.

This is mostly being incorporated in the online gaming industry. So, if you are playing any online game, it will bridge the gap between the unreal and the real world. This is the hottest selling cake in the VFX development trends.

2.   Extended Reality

XR and AR are the new VFX strengths that are coming straight to support the health care, education and even army base sectors. It creates a human-machine interaction system. The entire technology is generated through computer-based programs. Or, you can say it is a combination of the real and virtual worlds created by wearing technological wearables.

Suppose you ever find the images on the screen popping out after wearing any technology-based glass, such as a virtual reality headset, then this is the creation of extended reality. Since the pandemic, this VFX trend is making online classes feasible, and students get to learn VFX without interruption. You can learn these trends by opting for a VFX Course in Kolkata.

3.   Ray Tracing

The entire credit goes to NVIDIA hardware regarding the Ray Tracing VFX trend. You can see the most use of Ray Tracing in 7D cinema halls, 3D movies as well as video games. Virtual environments are created using this technology to look as real as possible. Even the light effects and surface reflections are kept in mind.

This is not a new trend, but the effects and the minor details have been improvised a lot. Thus, making it easy to make an animated film and render a virtual feel which is more real-time. If you want to learn this skill, then you need to join the best VFX Filmmaking course and learn from highly qualified animators.

4.   Composting

It is a creative step in VFX where a green screen is used to set the images and create a body double effect. With composting technology, you can combine multiple images and draft a single image. This technology must be used if a film needs double exposure for a character.

Other than that, green screen or blue screen shooting is also quite prevalent in composting technology. This process is commonly known as chroma keying, where the background colors simply get replaced with a new background image.

5.   Deep fakes

Have you ever come across morphed pictures on social media platforms? This is somewhat the same technology, but deep learning is integrated into face synthesis here. Deep Fakes technology is quite new, and most of you might not be aware of it. But, it is crawling into our daily life and greatly impacts the creation of the virtual world.

This is primarily being used in online video games. It helps to create a photo which appears quite real. It is also being incorporated to create AI avatars. This new trend is growing at a very fast speed in the gaming industry and museums, where virtual tours are feasible.

AI and machine language have become a part of daily practices, including rotoscoping, digital painting and creating stop motion animation – All these are part of deep fakes.

6.   Remote work and cloud

Remote communication has been a core fundamental system during the pandemic. This VFX technology had put things at ease in the global crisis where people had to accomplish their work from home. This became the new working format, and cloud and remote became a new trend with virtual workstations and cloud studios.

Remote work and the cloud have helped to create a work-life balance and also extended many possibilities. Even some VFX Institutes in Kolkata has shifted to a streamlined online course owing to the flexibility.

Should you take animation and VFX as your career?

If you want to learn animation and take VFX as your career, then it has a great future prospect. There are many institutes that support this fast-growing IT sector and guide you to learn the skills.

If you join a VFX Course in Kolkata and obtain a proper certification, then there is no looking back. There are innumerable courses available that can help you gear up within 9-12 months, but you must know about animation before that. Though everything is computer-based, you need a certain level of creativity fore this.

Along with skill, creativity and knowledge, add the extra zeal. It is not at all complicated. Instead, it needs proper planning, using green screen techniques and some fundamental understanding. Thus, as a professional, you can bag a high-paid job in the advertising industry.

It’s time to witness a change in animation – welcome VFX trends

However, there are certain challenges that the VFX industry in India still needs to overcome. They need to create much more seamless realistic visuals, and every film shot should be supervised so the audience can believe in the visuals. It is all about encouragement and learning new skills to fill the gaps.

Students who are in the learning sphere must not hesitate to learn 3D, 2D motion graphics, building characters, VR animation, morphing etc. These are an extra advantage if you want to create flawless VFX content.

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