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10 Top Graphic Design Courses for Beginners, A Day In The Life Of a VFX Artist

A Day In The Life Of a VFX Artist

Anticipating the life of a video artist to be all about glamour and gleam is something that amateurs often do! After all, watching your favorite Batman or Superman series would never get that captivating without those special water and fire effects. Not just those compulsory visual effects, a VFX artist does everything possible to recreate the moments built within the boundaries of frames and shots.

While you think a frame is just a mere photographic visual, an artist puts his blood and sweat into recreating each shot comprising 24 frames!And someone who thinks that successful VFX Courses offer promising career choices as a visual effect artist, here’s how wearing a VFX artist’s shoes may feel like! Let’s explore your enthralling one-day journey as a VX artist.

Living a Day as a VFX Artist: Pros and Cons

Once you’re inspired by someone to enroll for the best VFX course, imagining the life of a VFX artist, in reality, is just a mere afterthought. But to your convenience and ease, speculating those hypothetical situations would help you hit the purple patch in your career. By now, you’ve apparently thought that VFX professionals have a cool life just because of the fact that they deal with videos, pictures, editing, and special effects!

The fact that their works rule your emotions is something that everyone knows already!And just because some VFX artists are associated with the film and media industry, they are thought to be paid handsome. They are super rich and enjoy life in bits and pieces. Not only can they pay their bills alone but also they don’t depend on anyone else to treat their close pals and family anytime.

Well, to put salt into the wound, every success comes with dedication and efforts that may get really disappointing and disheartening. For a VFX professional, too, things do not work as amazingly as you anticipate! And sadly, every boon comes with a bane. For this reason, you must understand how living one day as a VFX professional actually be like! Before explaining to you the cons of their lifestyle, here’s why you aim at becoming a VFX artist. Read on to learn the pros.

Your One Day Exciting Journey as a VFX Artist: Perks

After graduating with a VFX degree, working as a visual effect artist is exciting. At least, the job doesn’t make you IT-centric. Creativity surpasses everything else, and an artist only thinks to improve his creativity skills by accomplishing the assigned tasks. In India, a fresher can easily earn between 15 to 20K, while supervisors are paid really well. Experienced professionals may earn five lakhs on an annual basis too. But it entirely depends on the industry you work in, given the amount and quality of work you are beings assigned. Just in case you want to learn the perks, here’s presenting them in pointers:

  • You get a creative license to work on each project in accordance with your ideas and thoughts
  • You can have a stable professional relationship with industry leads
  • Get to learn the glamour and gleam of the film and entertainment industry and become famous
  • Learn new visual effects skills that can enhance your career
  • Get closest to perfection and create a design that gets praised by the audience
  • Acquire professional proficiencies to learn about visual effects importance in the world of business

Life as a VFX Professional: Challenges

You might have appreciated a visual artist’s work upon watching your favorite mythological show where the Goddess wins victory over the evil. After all, in India, rituals are celebrated even through animation. Given the high TRPs of mythological shows, visual effects have had a predominant role in it. Besides mythological series and movies, visual effects also have a tremendous impact in other industries too. So, with that being said, you may think that just a course can lead you to a successful career. But here’s a different story.

Graduating with a visual art degree from an eminent VFX Institute in Kolkata is just not enough to strive greater heights in your career. What you need is determination, passion, and acquired skills. To say that the life of visual effect artists is all about feast and famine is not an exaggeration. At times, you will get so much work pressure that completing them all by the end of the day becomes challenging. On the other times, freelancers may struggle through a tough time seeking work. So, in one way, their life is a bit inconstant.

What’s worst is freelancers might also come across certain situations where they are heavily pressured to work overtime that too without payment. But it is entirely the artist’s decision to work in such a condition. Only in the most crucial situation, working (unpaid) overtime may be a possibility. Other times, the artists require working on unexpected revisions too. Let’s say you’ve completed work and you think it’s the best. As it’s a creative field, the concerned person might think it’s not up to the mark. This is where unexpected edits become intimidating.

In a nutshell, the industry may give you an opportunity to work as a freelancer or at a studio. However, you should understand the situations pretty well. Don’t let anyone in the industry fool you. On a serious note, you may get a chance to work with some of the most brilliant people out there. And this is the only reason why you apparently keep on hoping for greater strides in your career. It also depends on the nature of your boss on how you get treated. The best advice is to opt for animation or video game designs. The animation and video game studios create their unique content and therefore give you great financial aid.

Summing Everything Up

The concept of a perfect career doesn’t include everything to be picture-perfect. After all, nothing in the world is flawless, and so do career options!And even in the midst of challenges, if you can survive in the career, it means you’re the perfect fit. Now that you’ve already explored the one-day journey of a VFX artist, are you ready to experience it for a lifetime?

If yes, consult our career counselor at Arena Animation Chowringhee today for the best VFX training!

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