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Artist, Want To Become An Artist? We, Will, Make You One!

Want To Become An Artist? We, Will, Make You One!

Want To Become An Artist? We, Will, Make You One!

Do you always dream of becoming an artist? It’s never too late, you can start today. Your age doesn’t matter whether you are 6 years or 80 years, you can start today and shape up your passion to become an artist. All that is needed, right inspiration and you can move accordingly.

I decided to become an artist after completing my education in commerce. Though I had a good job I always wanted to paint and do lots of artwork. One day, I left my job and planned to learn basic drawing techniques under good guidance. If you urge for the same then this blog may help you to make your passion a reality!

Start it

It’s been ten years when I left my job and that was the first time when I took a sketchbook and started drawing. Now, I am a full-time artist. Though at that time, too many things were running through my mind. The first thing that came to mind was whether I was making a big mistake or it’s the right step. But finally, I decided to stick to my passion. It’s better to opt for passion than to regret it throughout life.

I joined a drawing class, attended many workshops and even read numerous books on it. The most important thing that I did every day was practice. Without practice, you can’t expect success in this field. It’s not that I was always determined in the process. There were days when the thought came that I made a big mistake. But still, I didn’t leave practicing and now see where I am!

Get the inspiration

Now, when you have started learning techniques and began drawing, the first thing that will obstruct you the inspiration. It is present all around you, all you have to do is recognize them and keep the record for your future. As much as you will notice different inspirations, you will enhance your skill in it.

Increase your awareness regarding facts and interests that fascinate you. The activities that provide you real joy can be your inspiration. Anything that inspires you indicates that you are interested in that. Some artists get their inspiration from the external world while some prefer to get it internally. Inspiration is there all around you, the more you exercise about it, you will increase your creativity.

Keep record of inspiration

Before you lose the inspiration from your mind, you should collect it in one place. As today you have the option to save ideas online, so you can use Pinterest. When I started there was no such option so I used inspiration boards and art journals. So, you have three approaches to keep the record both online and offline.

In Pinterest, you can make separate art inspiration categories. Here you can even make categories for the artists whose work fascinates you. Make the boards private, if you don’t like sharing it with others. Though you have the option to share it with a selected group. You get endless opportunities on this platform.

Apart from Pinterest, if you want to work on something that is physically present, then create your inspiration board. These are the visual references that will excite you at once. You can pin anything and everything on it- photos, swatches of fabric, magazine cuttings, motivational quotes, all these will inspire you to keep creating.

Additional tips

  • Everyday go to your workplace, irrespective of the situation.
  • If you don’t feel like creating anything new, the take an old painting and paint it again. You will get inspired to paint a new one too.
  • Read inspirational art books and magazines.
  • At times you may not feel to work in your workplace, so go out with your sketchbook and get inspired by nature.

These little things can bring a big difference in your life. Possibly you will opt for your passion, start your journey for becoming a full time Artist. Always begin with learning the basics as that is the most essential aspect of your success. Arena Animation Chowringhee will help you to start your journey from scratch and inspire you to find the inner artistic spark.

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