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skills, What Are The 5 Basic Skills Of Drawing?

What Are The 5 Basic Skills Of Drawing?

What Are The 5 Basic Skills Of Drawing? 

Do you want to become an artist? Do you want to create a drawing that gets lots of appreciation? If yes, then first learn basic skills of drawing. The five basic skills include the ability to recognize edges, understand the proportion, perspective of drawing, different colour schemes and putting the thought together. But in the entire process, practicing, again and again, is the main factor that will enhance your skill and bring a difference in the art form.

Basics of Drawing :

  1. Know about the drawing edges: 

Basically, drawing edges refer to the lines that separate two areas in a drawing. This makes you understand drawing appropriately. Hard, soft and lost are three essential edges that you must know to provide the result of a focused look. First, focus on the easier ones and gradually move to the hard edges.

  1. Set the right proportions and sizes:

When you want to learn sketching or drawing, you need to know about the proportions and sizes. The focus here is to see the perspective. This is one of the basics and essential as it will help you to understand drawing in-depth. Further, you will be able to draw multiple plans and put in more objects on the page. Most importantly, you must know the concept of proportions in order to draw a 3D image. If you want to practice it, then first try drawing shapes like spheres, cubes and when you have experience in that then sketch some furniture pieces. The best would be if you try to sketch in 3D view.

  1. Know different colour schemes:

Apart from knowing the right proportions and edges, another important aspect of drawing is colours. The basics of different colour schemes are important when you draw a concept on a paper. Some colours go well together, while some may not go well. So, learning about the emotions of colour will enable you to create a drawing that send an emotional message. You can learn more about it by reading our blogs on it.

  1. Understand the Concept of light and shadow:

Drawing involves some essential techniques that you can master only when you learn about them in detail. The concept and understanding of shadows and lighting are just like a helping tool that will take your art to a new level. If you are aware of the right use of shadows then you can easily make a 2D object appear to be 3D. Therefore, by using proper light and shadow, you can completely change the perception of painting. Here are some of the points that you can use while using the concept of shadow:

  • You can make more characters of the drawing appear on a scene like a wall. This will enhance the overall look.
  • Shadows also help you to bring out the exact look of the material of the objects present on the drawing.
  • Darkening the edges or using shadows of the objects enhances the power of colours used in the drawing.
  • It provides the perspective of the drawing. Hence, now you can look at your drawing from another perspective.
  1. Convey clear perspective:

The main motto behind any art is to communicate emotions. Drawing is a form of art that does this very well. It may communicate about any feeling, ideas or anything else that you want to convey. Many people may not consider this part as that important but in reality, this is the most important aspect. Your drawing is the end message that you send and this is the thing that is going to make your drawing different from all others.

An innovative and interesting drawing can attract lots of viewers. If it is unique and conveys a good end message then it will stand out from all others. Creating such a drawing is not possible without learning the basic skills of drawing. Learning the basic skills is quite easy if you reach out for the right guidance at the appropriate place. Arena Animation Chowringhee ensures that you learn the basics and create an attractive piece of drawing. Our trainers provide you awesome tips which help you to enhance your drawing skills and become an artist. If you desire to learn more about drawing tips and tricks then read our blogs.

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