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, Why You Should Focus On Page Load Speed in 2021?

Why You Should Focus On Page Load Speed in 2021?

Yesterday while doing some online purchase and during the transaction process the site got stuck and the page load started. I dont know how it took so many hours.but ultimately I got frustrated and shut the site down. It happens right? This page load thing is really annoying. Have you ever wondered? What this page load is? How this page load can affect your page traffic? And moreover how this page load is also a factor to give your page a ranking by google? And how its kind of affect your business and what should be the page load speed on 2021. Not really, right? Well today we gonna discuss all this factors in this blog So lets start.

Page load Story: So basically, page load is the time taken by a page or a website to download the whole content of the page. But the unbelievable fact is that studies shows that 47-50 percent of the visitors expect the webpage to load in less than 2 seconds and 40-42 percent of viewers will leave the website if the page load process take more than 3 seconds. 2 seconds is there hold for ecommerce website acceptability. At google we aim for under a half-second – Moile Ohye, from google

How page load effect traffic? Well any day website traffic is an important phenomenon . Now website traffic is basically the number of visitors in your site. The more the traffic more your opportunity to get new customers. Now how page load effect traffic? well as I said 2 second is the game if your page is taking time to load , then visitors will lose interest from your site and this will affect the traffic and effect your opportunity to gain more customers. In so this year 2021, companies should also take care of their page load speed along with cool web designs

Ranking game: Its true Google ranks site according the content of the site, designs, Number of views , but many people dont know that last few years Google also consider page load  or site speed as one of the ranking factors . News is that Google is determined to focus on ranking site based on mobile experience as well. On July 2021, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. The speed update as we are calling it, will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to the users and will only affect a small percentage of queries. Google. So if company webpage is a responsive one, then the speed rate for webpage in mobile device is also something to take care of. Some statics studies shows Average time for a mobile page to load is 22 seconds. Yet 50% of visits are abandoned if a mobile sites take longer than 3 seconds to load.

Affect your Business:Everyone wants an extremely fast website speed. So suppose a visitor visit your site and experience slow page loading, then he or she will not return to your site. And 50% chances are he or she will suggest his or her friends to avoid your site as they are not satisfied with your page. So now where you are supposed to gain visitors and customers you are losing instead and mouth to mouth chances are your lose will multiply . That badly affects your business. So till now Speed rate was a negligible fact for websites but now since Google is also focusing much on this. So its a suggestion every business should take care of this factors as soon as possible.

2021 speed rate. After Google declare their decision on rankings and after many research and studies certain bench mark has been set and produced by google:

  • 1 sec  3 sec (the probability of bounce increases by 32%)
  • 1 sec  5 sec (the probability of bounce increase 90%)
  • 1 sec  6 sec (the probability of bounce increases 106%)

To cope up with the competition and to get viewers or visitors attention and get new customers in 2021 speed game should be max 2-2.5 sec page load rate. Well thats all from our side today. We will be with more discussions soon. So stay tuned. And yes off course if any of you are planning to learn web development then go ahead there are many cool web development courses in KolkataLearn website development and gift yourself a creative future.

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