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Animation, 7 Hottest Animation Trends in India: 2022

7 Hottest Animation Trends in India: 2022

Animation – the art of giving life to still images, objects, illustrations, 2D/ 3D characters, is the most appealing career that is never going to fade away. Since it is a part of the media & entertainment industry, it has emerged to be the most dependable sector among the other sectors.

Even with the pandemic and the global economic crisis hitting the markets in recent items, the scope for animation is increasing rapidly. Every year, thousands of students are enrolling in animation courses and are being successfully placed in various areas of 2D and 3D animation. 

It has become an emerging growth career for many creative enthusiasts and is evolving to fuel various business promotions worldwide. Animation has occupied a digital space that creates visually appealing content to appeal to a certain audience. An Animation course in Kolkata is in huge demand in today’s time.

Animation is a creative and effective way to reach to the audience. And, big-hits companies are relying on animations as their primary marketing strategy. At present, traditional cartoon making has embraced a new style color palette, motion and interactive media disposition.

What is the present market for animators?

The year 2022 is a major success for animators because the pandemic has opened up new scopes and spaces for creating animated videos, motions, designs, etc. The content creation list includes presentations for a business, meetings or online classes, or a new product launch. And, it also includes logos, concepts and other visual content.

The latest animation trends are being accepted by society and are also getting a reflection in various ways. And, the Best Animation Institute in Kolkata is the stepping stone for any animator.

So, let’s get to know the top 7 animation trends that have been skyrocketing this year.

1.   3D Animation

With the ever-evolving animation trends, creating cartoons has become much more complex. Rather than simplifying the shape and color, it is all about adding realism to the features. And, this year is all about 3D animation with contrasting colors where the figures come to life and are realistic..

It is a much more creative version of the 2D classic that was quite popular in the past. However, it is not about leaving behind 2D layers but embracing both 2D and 3D to create a compelling story. These two elements are a proper blend for hybrid motion design and for creating outstanding visuals. This is the main subject for any animation course in Kolkata.

2.   Psychedelic Animation

If you remember, in the 1960s, there was a graphic setup that showed many twists and distortion aspects. This has made a comeback in 2022 with mind-bending motions. And, it introduces a careful spread and entrancing designs.

Though it is not being welcomed by a wide range of the public, it has gained the spotlight as a mainstream graphic. This still needs some time to reveal its importance and significance in creating logos or captivating the sense of the audience.

3.   Morphing

It is a transition or a phase where one motion picture, be it shape or image, has been morphing into another object or picture in a video. It is more like giving continuation to any motion. The most significant example is laid by VH1, who used the iconic logo, which was an exclusive creation, through morphing years ago.

This trend is quite popular in entertainment and advertising agencies. If you want to seek attention, then learn animation. These visuals work like a magnet, and it not only increases the time span spent by the audience on the page. But, it is also considered to be a good strategy for digital marketing and churning interaction on certain pages.

4.   Flat style characters

This is a new graphic trend which has gained popularity within a very short time. And, it is mostly used for marketing. The style can be incorporated in crafting animation and explainer videos. Basically, it simplifies any complex idea and presents it to the audience. The idea looks very professional and can be easily associated with any corporate style.

5.   Linear Animation

This is something that can never go out of style. And, with respect to the visual expression area, this has the capability to draw attention to critical visuals outline, particularly objects.

This has the capability to emphasize any communication. Every company is adopting this feature for their explanation videos. Moreover, this is going to be the most trendy by the end of 2022.

6.   VR Animation

This is the future of entertainment which is VR animation, which is spread evenly in the gaming industry. And, it is quite influential and has a very prosperous objective in the future.

Gradually, the educational program creators are adopting it to create videos for Animation online courses. And, the intention is to make the subject easier for the students to understand.

This can be part of any promotional video, social media content, or video marketing. The sole purpose is to raise awareness, inform or draw attention.

7.   Maintaining a particular color palette

It is an undeniable fact that colors can modify anybody’s mood. And, it can influence the atmosphere of the animation as well as the view.

So, in 2022, the trend is to stick to a particular color palette with a minimalistic approach. And,

you can see the uses of very primary colors and restricting the color palette to simple shades.

This has become a core part of Digital illustration because of its sophisticated and straightforward approach. But, it is a challenge for any artist to make the animation look appealing. Along with that, the content must reveal the mood and character of the illustration and provide a retro feel.

What’s creating a buzz in the animation industry?

The latest trend in animation also includes clean and modern lines, which impart a unique style to any design. They are quite effective and usually hand-drawn to make the illustration stand out.

Along with this, the love for loops has also grown, and it is a very powerful tool for conveying a message. It can be of the long or short format, but using proper design and elements makes the storytelling quite effective.

Further, if you want to add diversity to the animation, use grains that add texture to any vector imaging. This is the easiest way to add depth to any simple design. You get to create something unconventional by mixing different styles. You get to learn these in-depth by joining an animation course in Kolkata.

However, the rise has been restricted due to certain external factors, but that does not mean that animators are holding back. But, rather they are trying to unleash the beauty of this trial and success animation format.

What about Lo-Fi?

Lo-Fi has been the talk of the town and adds an integral phenomenon to videos. But, it still has a long way to go. An animator needs to rectify its gloomy videos and imperfections. But, the best part is that it has a lot more scope in terms of creating animated chills, nostalgia, videos, etc. It has a powerful aesthetic but needs a compilation with good background music and experimental spirit.

Embrace the Trend

If you look at the AAA video games animation, it portrays something more tangible or rather hyperrealism. You can see the detailing of the characters in the microscopic view. Isn’t it impressive that this hyper-realistic CGI is the present occupant of the gaming market?

So, if you want to make a career in animation, this is the right time to join Animation Colleges in Kolkata. You can learn diverse styles and skills to secure the top rank job. So, what’s stopping you? Hop on to a high pay venture.

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