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VFX Tools, The Beginners Guide to VFX: 10 Useful Tools and Software (Free & Paid)

The Beginners Guide to VFX: 10 Useful Tools and Software (Free & Paid)

Visual effects leave a strong impression on a viewer whether it is a movie, television commercial or online game. You can create stunning designs using appropriate computer generated visual effects.

Are you wondering how visual effects are added?

There are numerous tools that enables designers to add visual effects to their creation.  If you are a beginner, go through the details of the tools to know which one would work for you.

A list of 10 useful VFX tools and software might help you begin.

1. Adobe After Effects

This tool from Adobe has compressed a wide array of options in one application. You can use this single tool to design any print, video, film and mobile content. The integration with the new versions of the Adobe software enables the designers to free design their creation. It has a combination of all the Adobe tools and many other additional services. Rotoscoping adds fantastic effects to the clips but you can compute only through Adobe’s creative cloud.

2. Blender

Under the general public license, Blender is a free tool that acts as an open-source 3D content creation suite. It is available for the majority of operating systems. Though it doesn’t have all the features of the leading packages it is a great tool for students, hobbyists, and even professionals who want to take advantage of the tools for visual effects. 

3. Krita

Many Hollywood film productions have used Krita tool for their creation. Besides that, it has been used for creating several video games and TV commercials. The feature of 3D modelling and visual effects at the best price makes it the choice whenever you have to create quality content. The latest version of this app is available in two different types. So that, it can easily accomplish the demands of both entertainment and visualization industries.

4. HitFilm Express

HitFilm enables the creators to add visual effects to the creations. Though the app may charge you some amount but it will help you to easily incorporate effects in your design. It has options for both beginners as well as high-end professionals. 


This product is mostly preferred by professional artists where there is need of multiple tools for VFX creation. But that doesn’t imply that if you are beginner you can’t use this tool. In fact, if you want to work in realistic environment then this tool is useful. You can use it to integrate with professional production pipeline. It has all the possible applications that are required for 3D scenery programs are available. This ranges from architectural visualization and then to broadcasting and then filming. This tool enables complete integration with the elements which include two-way mutual shadow casting, lighting, reflection, and refraction.

6. Nuke 

Using the advanced version of Nuke, artists can create realistic objects very quickly. It has some brilliant features of visual that enable you to take creation to another level. Over time, there are updates of the features of the tool which makes it better. 

7. 4D Cinema

This is a wonderful VFX software which can be easily used both on Mac and windows. This tool is considered as an arsenal of the creation tools. It is popular among the artists because of its features or 3D modelling, animation, best visual effects, and rendering. While mentioning the highlights of the latest version, you must know that its assets toolset has new tools that are meant for managing the complexity and size of scenes. You can additionally perform multi-threading work and algorithmic speedups.

8. Autodesk Maya 

If you are looking for a VFX software for movies then Autodesk Maya is the one which will provide you all the necessary features in one place. Movies like ice age have used this software for VFX compositing and editing. Numerous 3D artists model supervisors and game developers have preferred this leading software application because of its ease to use features. In the latest version of this tool, there are new features that provide a refined user interface and subdivision levels which makes it easier to frame the creation smoothly.

9. Fusion

There are several winning solutions in this software which makes it one of the user-friendly software. Whether this tool is used by home users who just want to perform their hobby, freelancers, educators, or film industry studios, all find that it is very helpful in creating modern projects using the VFX effects present in it. If you are just a beginner and searching for a tool that is ideal for learning the basics then go for this one. Though it deals with the fundamentals still it is used in some of the animated movies. 

10. DaVinci Resolve

It includes a helpful timeline with a colour grading section which is useful for HDR editing. Some of its modest system requirements provide the facility to the artists to use an embedded algorithm for GPU acceleration. A free version has some limitation but if you are just a beginner then you can surely use this for learning.

In this article, we explored some useful tools that allow you to add wonderful visual effects to your creation. But, knowing only about the tools might not be enough for you.

The software options presented here can cover the needs of users with little to no experience. If you want to become an expert in this field, you need to learn everything about VFX from its concepts to implementation.

Let us know if you loved this article or what did you choose from the list in the comment section below.

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